Must Do Things Before Wearing A Crop Top


 Must Do Things Before Wearing A Crop Top

Okay so are you planning to wear a crop top? Good, definitely a great choice but do ensure that you are prepared to wear it and you do not regret wearing it. Hope you have made all your preparations for it which are pretty important and a pre-requisite for someone to wear a crop top.

We have brought down here some tips and points for you to remember while planning or whenever wearing a crop top. Keeping the latest trends in mind, I am sure crop top is on the minds of almost every one and we are always keen to put them on.

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Who can wear a Crop Top?

So first thing first! There is no compulsion that only people with petite figures can carry crop tops. When fat people can carry sarees, crop tops can also be carried, just that the bottom should not be too pelvic or obscene. Also, crop tops also come in different sizes like high crop tops and navel touching crop tops which can be chosen as per the suitability. It is a total misconception that one needs to have a flat stomach to put on a crop top, as is also accepted by various international magazines in their fashion editions. So girls read on irrespective of your size and weight.

THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT Blue and black outfit+fashion

Crop tops are only meant to create a refreshing fashion without looking cheap or pornographic. If you can carry T-shirts you qualify to carry crop tops as well. You can team it with high waist pants and skirts to look good and not vulgar at all!

Shave your tummy

Whatever the size of your crop top is whatever shape it is of, umbrella or not, your naval is going to be visible and so you must as a prerequisite, shave your stomach either with wax or a razor. I prefer wax for long-term results. Wearing a crop top without clearing your hair may not look good.

bikini area shaving tips

Choose a Crop Top that is stiffer

A blowy crop top could be disastrous as it may move here and there once you lift your hands and so you must use a stiffer top to ensure your top stays disciplined and does not go anywhere.

designer Crop-Top

Do not reveal anything else

A crop top is a enough revelation as it already is showing off your naval. So, avoid body revealing clothes together with the crop top as it may lead you being conscious and not feeling confident of your attire. If you are confident of managing , you may very well go ahead with it but normally girls are found to be in a confused state of mind with such clothes.

Neha Kakkar crop tops

So girls, stop being conscious of your body even if you are a little more than an average and flaunt yourself. The crop tops are not meant for those with slimmer bodies alone. You just need to mentally prepare yourself and do away with your grudges. The crop tops are combined with high waist clothes and so, you can look good too.

For those with slimmer bodies, I am sure you already know what fashion statements you can throw with crop tops but just ensure to be a little serene on revelations and wear those clothes with your preference for sanctity in dressing.

How do you wear a crop top?

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