Must Have Beauty Products In India


By Shradha,

I am coming to India and want to buy must have beauty and cosmetic products which are not available abroad.Recommend me some good toners, face packs, mosituriser  or anything which is a must have please.


Must Have Beauty products

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  1. If I have to leave IndiaI will stock myself with follow products atleast

    Fab India toners, aloevera protein shampoo,
    fuller earth and forest essential face pack and oils.
    lush i can easily get abroad so will sip it ..
    will buy lakme satin kajal and other kajals lie shahnaz..

    for hair i will pick some heena too
    rest mmmmm i wil let u now when it comes across my mind :D:D

  2. Indian brands which you probably wont find outside or maybe they would cost you more abroad are Fab India, Aroma Magic products, Khadi Products, Shahnaaz Hussain’s and Lotus.

    You can stock yourself up on some good facepacks from Khadi, Cleansers and toners from Fab India, essential oils from Aroma Magic. And some high end facial stuff from Shahnaaz and Lotus.

    All the best.

  3. Products from Fab India and Aroma Magic.
    I bought the Aroma Magic Dry Shampoo after reading the review on WiseShe..Am happy with it :dance-leftright:

  4. You can buy Shahnaz face creams – shaglow, shamoist, beauty balm, shafair. SHahnaz facepacks are also very nice though expensive but they last you a long long time.

    You get all this abroad too through online buys, but they cost almost double !

  5. suits any skin type ?? heals what 😛 i mean redness or even tones the skin .. im quiet new to the term searched on google but it confused me more 😛

  6. Depends on where you stay currently.. if you are in Europe or US then I think you can easily skip any purchases frm here.. I think you get better stuff there. But if you do wanna try here’s my list

    1. Faces pencil eyeliners
    2. Colorbar pencil eyeliners
    3. Lakme Rose Trio blush
    4. Lakme Glide on Lip & Eye pencils.
    5. Lakme lip love lipsticks & conditioners
    6. lakme satin kajal

    For skincare, you can check out Forest Essentials & Nature’s Co – they have some amazing products.


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