Must Have Beauty Tools For Every Woman


Must Have Beauty Tools For Every Woman

Beauty is what nature has bestowed upon you. But yes it takes a whole lot of other things to maintain that beauty you are blessed with. Yes, I am talking about the skincare, hair care, makeup, grooming and many other things which redefine our beauty in a way no one else can!

There are so many things that a woman needs in her day to day life.

Now that you are wondering about the list, well it is an extensive list and so I am listing them out one by one below-

Bath Gloves

Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review+cheap handy exfoliation at home

Price: INR 225 for a pair

These gloves will fit any hand size and they are pretty easy to maintain as well.There is a loop on each gloves and therefore it is easy to hang them.
Swissco Body Massage Mitt Review+scrubber for elbows and ingrowths
It is so easy to use them and the process of exfoliation is quiet quick too. Just pour a small amount of body wash onto the gloves and rub over the body in circular movements. That is it. It hardly takes 5 minutes

Makeup Brush cleanser

Cheap Makeup Brush Cleanser usage

Price: $2

This brush cleanser is a half elliptical compact size egg shaped cleanser. This is made of silicone material and tends to provide a nice base to rub the bristles and remove every trace of makeup!

The product is light in weight and is too compact which makes it super easy for me to wash the makeup brushes and remove all the makeup from them.

Cheap Makeup Brush Cleanser bristlesCheap Makeup Brush Cleanser bristles

The cleanser is made of non-toxic silicone material which makes it completely harmless and is perfect for quick brush cleaning routine for your makeup brushes once in a while.

Face Epilator

braun mini epilator cleansing brush

Hair free face is every woman’s cherished wish and it adds a lot of confidence to her personality! Now it is not very convenient to every time visit the salon and get the unwanted facial hair from the hairline, upper lips and jawline removed ! So, this beauty tool came as a complete rescue for those who had more prominent facial hair!

Blotting Paper

Price: $3.5

NYX Matte Blotting Paper Review+cheap blotting paper

Oil blotting sheets are not exactly tools but must haves for those who have an oily skin and they tend to look shiny all the time due to the excess oil!

Tangle Teezer

tangle teezer review

Usual combs tend to produce a lot of friction which may damage the hair texture and eventually make them look frizzy and unmanageable. So a tangle teezer is the perfect beauty tool that won’t create the friction and let the hair stay smooth and manageable! It removes every possible tangle from the hair and makes it smooth and straight.

Exfoliating Brush

Price– $34.99

olay pro-x advanced cleansing system

An exfoliator brush is yet another very important beauty tool. The system has a brush that rotates and can be used on 2 different speed settings. The brush is soft to touch and can be used on a daily basis. It can also be extra beneficial for oily skin as it provides deep cleansing. The best thing about this system is that it is water resistant and can be used shower too Big Smile

I hope you like these beauty tools and agree that these are surely one of the most haves for woman in today’s day to day life!

Have you tried any of these beauty tools?

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