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Neha asks,

I am looking for some must have body shop products.I find the brand quiet expensive but worth buying  so want to start with the best of the lot rather than picking up anything or everything.

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  1. Hie.I like body shop lip butters, bath gloves .please don’t go for there famous tea tree oil it never helped me in my acne.

    body butters, face packs are something which are everyone’s favourite:)

    infact i have body shop mousse and i love using it .:)

  2. hehe dont know..dats why i’m gonna keep coming to this post to check πŸ˜€
    but if i really want to buy something, i’ll get something from their tea tree range

    • The tea tree range did not work for me! *tch tch*
      Try their gingerbread body butter though (i got it as a limited edition christmas pack) for winters!
      It smells aesthetic!

  3. 1.Body Butters and Shower gels for sure. Do make sure you smell it very carefully before buying, they have pretty strong, fruity fragrances. Best would be to buy the smaller sized bottles and see if you like them.

    2.You could also buy their tinted glow enhancer – its much lighter than a foundation but gives a great glow to the face for a quick evening out. I find it a great investment

    3. Lip balms – some amazing flavours

    4. Their Vitamin C Range and Vitamin E range, depending on what kind of skin you have

    5. They have a great conditioner for the hair called Called Honey conditioner(I think – its got photo of honeycombs on the body)

    6.They have some great products for men as well -I actually buy some of the men’s range body washes – they smell awesome(White Musk, Kistna and Activist are amazing)

    7. They have a great line for footcare – it has peppermint scented scrubs and gels for the feet.

    Sigh ! Im falling in love with body shop all over again !

    (Where’s Niharika ?)

    • lolz..I was just preparing my long list and I found you calling me Rupa. There have been many body shop posts on wise she but i didn’t c u there. where were you flying :airplane: :airplane:

        • here goes my list babes
          this is my current one
          1.body shop vitamin c intensive night treatment

          2.Body shop tea tree moisturiser

          3Tea tree oil facial blotting tissues
          loving these nowadays .you can pick any of these and enjoy body shop products

  4. ohh yaa..i completed the whole bottle in 20 days (i got the tea tree oil) and gosh i wasted my Rs 400..that is all i can say πŸ™

    it is better to get the oriflame tea tree oil rather than body shop.atleast u can try and if it works for you then get the body shop one..

    wat say??

  5. I agree with tea tree..I tot few of tea tree products and it’s not really worth the money …

    Others things are already mention…a body shower is must ..may be Neha you should read the review listed here …tht might help u πŸ™‚

  6. I have used the following products by body shop ( I hv a combination to oily skin ):
    a. Tea Tree Face Wash : Its nice and gives a super fresh cool feeling ( Definitely better thn Oriflame one )
    b. Tea Tree Oil : Sheer waste of money….useless
    c. Vit E night cream : this is a MUST HAVE….its really really nyc, soft n makes ur skin look dewy
    d. Strawberry bath range : The body butter is really give it a shot…the polish, soap n body wash are OK
    e. Blue Corn Face Mask : this is also a MUST HAVE….cleans all my white heads n my skin looks flawless next morning ( I follow it up wid Vit E nite cream)
    Hope dis helps πŸ™‚

  7. Hi anybody dere??
    I wanna buy some Body Shop products…. I have oily skin and prone to acne as well………. Please suggest………..

    • if u have super oily skin then u shud try the Vit E range…they have alotta lotions and creams and mists as well..they dont make the skin oily and r still moisturizing..

  8. My main concerns are acne and too much tanned complexion…. my skin also looks very dull and all over shine during daytime…. i look very tired after everyday office works…….. How can I get rid of all these?? Which one should I opt for.. the Vit E range or the Tea tree one?? The bodyshop judgments is suggesting me to use tea tree.. bt i have gone through the reviews here….. so a bit confused…. Please help..!!!

  9. Hi everyone

    I’m from Cape Town SA and im going to the body shop tomorrow. It will be my 1st purchase. Was hoping someone could advise on their make-up products??? Specifically their bronzers and eyeshadows???

  10. dont go for the make up products..the body shop is the best for its body washes, body butters, the cocoa scrub,even the vit e range is pretty good if it suits ur skin type..for make up just opt for loreal,revlon,mac,chambor etc..definitely not tbs..

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