Must Have Eye shadows For Beginners


Sunaina asks, 


I love doing eye makeup and want  build up   good collection of eyeshadows. Till now I have been using local unknown brands .Can you please suggest me some your favourite must have eyeshadows which are reasonable too.



Must Have eyeshadow for beginners



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    • Hello Vaishnavi , thank you for the tip ( with the website ) . Have you ever buy anything from there ? There is free shipping to my country and the prices are soooo good! :sidefrown:
      I want to know if they are really serious.
      Back to the subject , I rarely use eyeshadow ( smokey eyes or simple day makeups ) , but now I’m in love with NYX Jumbo Pencils and want one so muuch! :cute:

  1. As a beginner I love the Maybelline Chai Latte and Faces quads which are cheap and great quality wise as well…If you want singles then Colorbar and even Faces has some great singles as well.

  2. Sunaina, as far as beginners e/s go, then ud love revlon and maybelline quads..Faces has also come up with fab palettes…if u want a large palette to play with then i’d suggest Coastal Scents 88 plaettes..they have a huge variety from colorful palettes to a warm palette if thats what u prefer 🙂

  3. By the way if you can stretch your budget a bit then do take a look at inglot eyeshadows, the color, the finish and the range of shades they have is amazing…

  4. Faces is definitely a great budget option, wonderful textures!
    I would suggest this Lakme Desert Rose palette,which is perfect for any Indian function…looks gorgeous on our skin and costs just over 400, translates to like 100 bucks each colour! 😀
    Avon has this pigment plus pencil combo for a steal, like 100 bucks and its gorgeous! you can use it dry, wet you wish and it looks great! 🙂 🙂

  5. indian brands – Revlon Customyes, Maybelline Expertwear , For shine – Maybelline eyestudio Diamond Glow, For more pigmentation – Lakme Eye quarters……………………. International brand – Sleek bcz they are very reasonable…… and of course coastal scents :-)) :-))


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