Must Have Fab India Products


Roshini asks,

Recently Fab India outlet opened in my city so I thought of buying few of their must have .Can you recommend any must have or good to have Fab India products :)I have dry skin .


Must have fab India products


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  1. Their Aloevera protein shampoo and conditioner is a must try. Check their face packs. They are awesome. Try vit e cream I have heard its is good. i have not tried it. I have tried their mint soap, honey and milk soap. Both are good. If you have kids in your family then get their kids range as well. This is from my experience.I think others would help you more.

  2. FabIndia products are awesome…

    I have their :

    Avocado FaceWash …very mild facewash ,good for dry/combi skin..its best for winter i can say 🙂 :victory:

    Vitamin E Cream D-Pigmentation ,, i bought this for my mommy..n she is liking it.
    Avocado Shampoo… my hairs are pretty dry ..its a mild shampoo n moisturizing as well .. frankly its not doing any miracle for me ..but they are now in better condition.

    have a happy shopping :lipstick: :fingersxd:

  3. Coral Glow Face pack or Rose and Oat meal scrub pack

    Their toners are awesome…esp Tea Tree(if you have oily skin)

    check out their oils too(almond, olive etc) sesame and coconut are in a hyped priced range though

  4. Oh yes pradyanaa, their organics stuff is yum. I have tried their wheat pasta, candied dates, honey, italian seasoning all are good.

    If you are a fan of cotton clothes must check them out. But they are expensive and wore off fast.

  5. hello i just love fab india Products..try Rose Oatmeal Scrub its amazing ,Plum Lip Butter …soap mein Seabuckthorn is nice and almond oatmeal, Vitamin E Cream its nice ,Night Cream ,Under eye gel,Honey fash wash,Almond body oil ,and avocoda Body butter

  6. No matter what you by, keep the lids on bottle at a safe place, they break easily. Buy their Shea butter soap, khus soap(if you like the smell) and avocado body butter and buy a nice silk clutch and/or those kurtis… is secondary. 😀

    • Every time I buy a silk clutch someone takes it from me. Now I am waiting for someone to gift it to me.
      Hey they have lovely cotton skirts too. I got one recently.

      • Ha ha. Tell everyone what you want for christmas then 😛 You got the long skirt?? I don’t buy too many clothes there, most of the stuff that I see there is overpriced. I know better and cheaper places 😀

  7. True,, their scrubs are to die for.. i tried the Rose Geranium Body & Face Scrub.. its luxury if u like the smell of roses… u can see shredded rose petals in the scrub though the exfoliating stuff is handed over to walnut granules 🙂 ….clears up dry skin from the elbow areas too…. also hv tried their Neem scrub.. its good to though for its strong smell… the advantage is tat these scrubs can be used on the body and the face as well.. i too have dry skin.. so jus scrubbing once or twice a week should be good enough for u too to look ur best.. 🙂

  8. my turn my turn!!! 😀
    Aloe vera protein shampoo and conditioner
    rose water
    vitamin e depigmentation cream
    pomegranate scrub + oil free cream pack

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    • U dont need any sukanya, if u can manage to share redirect ur thoughts , i thnk u r capable of everythng..
      I will tell u a secret abt my relationship, when i say i need some space and al tht craps, aftr one day or two i totally regrt myself and remembr hw rude i was.. Bt it will be fine in no time.. I feel if there is no fight , there is no energy in that relation :heart:

  9. Let me add my two cents:

    For skincare:
    *face and body gel scrub which comes in a no. of variants like orange cinnamon, melon, rose geranium etc.
    *Vit E de-pigmentation cream works well.
    *Rose Water
    *Lemongrass facial spray
    *Lavender cleanser
    *Vit E SPF 30 sunscreen

    For haircare:
    *Aloe-vera protein shampoo and Conditioner is out-of-this-world good.

    For bodycare:

    I have been a regular customer of their whole-wheat pasta. Yumm!

  10. I’ve only bought 1 thing from Fab India & that is their Shea Butter soap & it’s awesome. It’s perfect for winter & really feels gentle & moisturising for dry skin.

  11. My picks are :
    Vitamin E Depigmentation cream
    rose water
    kids range products
    vit. e spf 30 cream
    jewellery collection..not must but good collection…expensive though
    few facial scrub
    sesame oil
    coral pack…but they have stopped production as far as i know and all the time i enquire…they r out of stock.


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