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With  an active lifestyle which involves daily traveling feminine hygiene has become a important issue.I got serious about it after my marriage when I got infected with bacterial infection twice. It was scary because repeated bacterial infection can lead to sterility, cancer and other health problems. Developing healthy habits is a must and I am listing down few of the products which are  a must have while I am traveling, in fact they are important for me while I am home too.

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Wet Wipes –

Wet wipes

 I don’t know how people lived without it before.Other than cleaning babies bottoms wipes comes so handy in mopping up small spills in the car , cleaning my keyboard, removing my makeup.I always use them when I come home after watching a late night show and I don’t have the energy to use makeup remover.I just use the wipes which have gentle cleansing agent and are enriched with moisturizer to prevent dryness.

Intimate Hygiene wash  :-

I received  VWash Expert Intimate hygiene wash which I am yet to try.There are few things which are yet to be taken seriously by most of us especially the use of soap for our private parts. Most soaps and gels are designed to maintain the natural pH value of the skin which is 5.5.However, the normal pH value of healthy vagina ranges from 3.5 to 4.5.If soap is being used it can disrupt the natural vaginal floral which results in multiplication of harmful bacteria.My gynae advise using only hot water but I still think its not enough and I prefer using products which are specifically meant for cleaning of the intimate zone.

Female hygiene wash

Few things which one should keep in mind while using the Intimate Hygiene wash are as follows:-

1) One must clean private parts once a day atleast.
2) Don’t use sponges to clean it as it can cause minor injuries
3)The towel used should be soft and completely dry .
4)During periods change pad every 3-4 hours atleast.

Intimate hygiene wash vwash

Dusting powder – Nowadays intimate washes are available in powder form as well. They contain Clotrimazol which is an antifungal medication commonly used in the treatment of fungal infections .    It is apt to use on humid days when you know that the sweat will cause your thighs to rub against each other.  It can also be used when you are using a pad because the wings of the pad scratch.  If you are suffering from any kind of discharge that may make your undergarment  wet and again cause irritation and scratchiness, this powder is an ideal product.

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  1. I have always used soap on intimate parts as a child and even till sometime back until I found a feminine hygiene wash, people who cannot find one nearby should always use soap, water alone can’t clean such parts. Oh two things I cannot live without would be facewash and wet wipes. NEED them :p

  2. From what I had gathered from an article on feminine washes, we ideally should not use these washes for more than once or twice a week as some of these washes are strong enough to kill even the good bacteria that are required to maintain the acidity in that area which in turn maintains your ability to fight and prevent infections in that region. Plain water or soap and water is actually more than enough. Of course, in case of any infection one can use the prescribed cream or powder.

    • Hi Dear,

      I don’t know about others but when I was using just soap I was caught up with infection twice and when i switched to these then till date I haven’t faced any.

    • Hey Forum, soaps hamper the flora and are alkaline in nature, can disturb pH. Washes dont have any such drawbacks. The best way is to use twice daily and not more than that.

  3. I had my share of UTI’s during my pregnancy but not after that! And totally agree on the hygiene part! I have been using Lactacyd since ages! Should give this one a try too.

  4. I suffered from UTI most of my life due to unhygeinic washrooms at was nly after a doc suggested I use wipes and such feminine washes that I was able to get sm relief..I haven’t had UTI in about 12 yrs now and it’s a blessing!

  5. Very educative & helpful post Anamika. Sometimes doctors are very reluctant to answer our queries & guide us precisely that it’s very disheartening & confusing, you almost feel helpless. Such posts really come to my rescue…Thank you so much for this. I wasn’t aware of the PH values, the PH of water is 7 which is almost acidic for the sensitive skin right? because I have read that even washing your face with plain water alters your skins PH level which takes up to 4 hours to restore. Immediate moisturisation is very important to restore skin’s normal PH.

  6. I like the way you shared with us your hygiene rituals, Ana! I found it very informative and personalized. I also had infections before and I understand the concern. I just started to use VWash also lately, but not everyday as I am afraid it will kill the good bacteria as well. But, it’s good to use for the good smell and tender feeling you get 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it.


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