Must Have Foot Wears for Women


Must Have Foot Wears for Women

Hi Women! Ever wondered if we are really told to make do with one pair of footwear! Wouldn’t it be a nightmare? We women cannot live without a few things and that is a fact. I quite often have to hear it from my family that I have a lot of pairs to be true. But frankly, I love my shoes and I have to have those as their needs and requirement at different occasions define their existence for me. I am sure you would agree to it. Okay there could be a couple of extra footwear but it doesn’t mean that I am hoarding them. I love my footwear and have all my rights to buy them, isn’t it? Anyway today’s post is about the Must Have Foot Wears for Women.

Mojari or jutti


This is one basic footwear which is definitely required if you are specially residing in northern part of the country. How can you imagine yourself in flats or sleepers or stilettoes when the Punjabi Kudis of Punjab flaunt their beautiful mojari’s with their Patiala suits? We have to be with the trend, isn’t it? And after all the mojari’s belong to that state and so they know the right way to carry them and their need to complete the look.

Flat Ballets

flat ballets for women

You can surely not do without them. They are a true companion when you are tired of those heels. They are perfect for office wear, with westerns or Indians whatever attire you may choose.


peep toes
Ideal for a party or office or any informal gathering, these come in handy when you are looking for a respite from boring shoes.

Sport Shoes

spoert shoes
You might not wear them on a regular basis but these are essential for those travel times for the extra comfort.


You got to have them just for the sake of having them! I do not know a single woman who does not love these. These are a must specially if you want to or love to wear western dresses.


You cannot afford to miss them in your closet. These are purely worth it as they add a lot to your shoe collection specially if you are a lot into wearing denims and kurtis or Indian attire.


ballies pumps
These are quite essential in those colors which could make you feel good in any color attire. Reds, blacks and whites are too good to resist so these definitely need some space in your closet.


These are much required when winters arrive. These are much required not only for the trend quotient but also because these are cozy and keep you warm.


wedges sandals
Wedges help you achieve some consistent height at times when you are not willing to wear complete heels or are looking for some platform type shoes. These are also a cool companion for work and informal outings.

I am sure you would also be fond of such shoes even if not do consider these shoes and try implementing them in your closet. These shoes are a must have for me at least as these are very cool and I for sure love them. Do comment and share your views. I would be very happy to learn about your choice in shoes and add to my bucket


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