Must Have Inglot Eyeshadow Shades


Rachana asks,

I am  planning to make  my 1st Inglot eyeshadow palette and would like you ladies to help me out.I have black eyes and I am looking for some matte eyeshadows for daily wear.


must have inglot eyeshadows+must have inglot eyeshadow



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  1. Wow i am gonna take notes too 🙂 I have not tried any matte ones from inglot but love the pearl ones..check out 407, 402,, 64amc, 378 is a good matte skin tone color..hope this helps 🙂

  2. For browns, AMC 52, 54, 55, they are matte with few sparkles that donot much show up on eyes, amc 57 for dark green shade, amc 61, for warm orange shade, do you want only matte ones, or want to know about pearl and shine too?

  3. From pearl, if you like browns , i would suggest, pearl 402, 409,421,422, 423, for pinks 449,450,452, for blues, 426, 428, for greens, 414, 418, for olive shades, 433,419, for purple, 446, then for gold kind shade 405,

  4. I agree with Nafi…A!

    its the same with me..cant see the comment box with zee’s post neither can i read it full! ?:-) :-/

  5. I myself was going to buy my first inglot shadow… but I was preferring dark matte shades, preferably in blue/ green. Can someone suggest me any?


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