Must Have MAC Brushes For Beginners


Ayesha asks, 


I recently went to MAC store to get some MAC brushes for myself but with so many brushes lying there I got confused and thought of asking it here before investing in them.Can you please help me in letting me know which MAC brushes you use with their price please.



Must have MAC makeup brushes+Makeup brushes

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  1. Hi Ayesha
    Get 239 for packing eyeshadow, 217 for blending, 219 for smudging and 210/ 209 for eyeliners (you can skip these if you can apply liquid liners comfortably). 🙂

  2. i’ve heard about 217 all over the internet..supposed to be best. Price starts at 1500/-
    others are 130, 219, 237 which are supposed to be must haves.
    But Since I am still quite new to make up..i started with body shop before going on with heavy investement in mac brushes. TBS has quite nice brushes!

  3. its my second comment … i mean earlier one was ??

    1. 217 great blending brush 1100/-
    2. 239 great for packing on color and my ultimate fav 1600/-
    3. 219 for crisp crease and lower lash line : 1400/-

    and last but not the least
    210 for thin eye liner application

  4. Well first of all MAC is not the only brand that on must invest in brushes as there are millions that tend to make affordable and better brushes like NYX, Shiseido and Clinique too for beginners. MAC has some cult favorites which I proudly own too but just because they are user friendly and not essentially because they are MAC.

    I have 217 for blending, 224 for crease and concealer and a limited edition 234 from the semi precious collection.


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