Must Have MAC lipsticks To Be Worn To Office


 Malu asks,  

One of my friends in Banglore is going for MAC shopping. I don’t own any MAC products since its out of my reach. Can you suggest one MAC lippy which can be worn to Office. I wil be somewhere between NC 42- NC45.

BEST MAC Lipstick for office



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  1. I have Cosmo and Twig. Even though I was all gaga over cosmo… i would recommend that your friend definitely try Twig. It is more brown than cosmo and more versatile in my opinion. If she is going to the Shopper’s Stop in Bangalore that houses MAC, ask for Gayathri. She is fabulous and will recommend the best shade for her skin tone. Also, your friend can look at the lip liners as well. They are ore long lasting and will last all day at work (even survive the coffee breaks) 🙂

    hope this helped…

  2. i luv mac cosmo n twig.. u can check syrup too but i need to carry it wid heavy eyemake up and cheeks otherwise it washes me out..hope dis helps :-))

  3. MAC twig is beautiful dusty rose color for everyday with satin finish which is long staying ,
    MAC Lustering is lovely soft pink color with lustre finish
    MAC See Sheer is also very wearable coral color for every day
    hope this helps
    :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:


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