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By Lucky,

I have never bought any MAC makeup and after reading so many reviews I want to explore the brand now.Can you suggest  any Best of MAC Product or any must have?

Must Have MAC products

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  1. Hi Lucky,

    I started with MAC studio fix foundation and i loved it..

    best thing is to go to the store and ask them many questions and try to visit them 2-3 times and then choose carefully and please don’t touch on pigments ..they are not meant for beginners.

  2. I heard Mac painterly pot is good, it will bring out nice color even for some unbranded eye shawdows! Correct me if I’m wrong girls! I haven’t bought anything yet from Mac :-))

  3. Start with going there and start with a foundation or blush. Ask the SA to personalize and recommend for you. Don’t jump into eyeshadows/brushes/other things as of yet. Take your time with the brand. My first MAC product was an eyeshadow though – MAC Juxt and Full Fuchsia lip balm.

  4. I would say try MAC foundations/ MSF’s first….they are products that u end up usng a LOT and are a class apart from others….Once you get the basics right then you can move to blushes and stuff…

  5. You could try any gloss, blush or foundation first and then move on to brushes,e/s n all. My first buy from MAC was a mascara (I know, what was I thinking???) which was not great. So start with the lippes. They have a shade for everyone!

  6. Well, all your exploration will depend on what kind of makeup you tend to steer towards and what you need. For me, I tend to look more at eye makeup not so much face stuff. Once you figure out what you want/need, the brand exploration is much easier!

    MAC has a lot of good products overall. But some few things you can first try out are:

    1. Powder compacts – The studio fix compact is a quick and easy to use daily foundation that works well for the Indian heat. It’s easy to apply and evens out the skin pretty well.

    2. For eyes: The blacktrack fluidline is one product in the Indian market that has excellent staying power on waterline and so I’d recommend this one for eyes.

    3. Their brushes are very good quality, handmade and last long if you take care of them! I have had mine for 10 years now.

    4. Some unique and beautiful e/s colours make up their e/s line. So I’d recommend checking them out if you like fun colours.

    Other than that, they have an excellent range of products and it can get confusing. So take your time and have fun!

  7. for starters i would say …. lipstick 980/- , then blush 1150/- , lipgloss 950/- , technakohl 1000/-

    hope this helps and as shivu said dont jump to brushes πŸ™‚

  8. @ AARTHI … honey pigments are for professional use dear so if you buy a pigment and dont know how to use eyeshadow you would end up storing that in showcase
    so go easy make yourself perfect in eyeshadow applying and all and then may be settle for pigment ..

    i hope anu wanted to say the same thing πŸ™‚

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