Must Have Products In Kryolan Makeup Artist Kit|Haul + Video


Must Have Products In Kryolan Makeup Artist Kit

Hello Everyone, Today I am here with an interesting post on my recent Haul from Kryolan Professional Makeup! As you all know I had attended 3-day Kryolan Workshop in August where I got to learn few great tips and tricks for the professional makeup artists! And since I am a huge makeup addict, I went ahead with the Must Have Products In Kryolan Makeup Artist Kit recommended for those who love doing professional makeup or are practicing makeup artists!

Well, even if you are not a professional makeup artist but have an addiction towards makeup and wish to achieve the professional perfection then too this video and the products mentioned in the haul are like useful for day to day makeup! This is mainly a must have product list + my haul from Kryolan Makeup which I am sharing with you girls here!

Lets have a look at what all is included in this list-

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 24 Color Palette

It costs INR 4500

Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Palette 24 Color

This s a fabulous Dermacolor foundation palette which has the green and the range color corrector used by professional makeup artists to hide acne marks or deep pigmented blemishes or under eye darkness! It is a great foundation palette for the Indian Skin tones!

Kryolan Polyster Glitter

These cost me around INR 350 each! I have around 8-9 pigments and so I wanted something unique in glitter to try for my upcoming looks and when I spotted these pretty shades, I fell in love with these and got them!

I got 2 shades namely

  • Pastel Green
  • Sea Spray

Kryolan Eye Lashes TV3 & TV5

kryolan upper eyelashes haul

I got two false lashes from Kryolan and am looking forward to use them in the upcoming makeup looks of mine! These are very natural looking an can be easily worn for everyday as well as festive occasions!

Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer

It cost me around INR 750. I got an eye shadow primer from Kryolan as I was way too bored from my UD Primer.

Kryolan Glamour Glow 8 Color Blush Palette

It is basically a Professional Bridal Set of 8 blushes for the perfect bridal cheeks for the Bridal look! It has the highlighter along with bronzer shades! Also it has lovely blushes and I consider it to be a must have for a makeup artist!

Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation

kryolan shimmering event foundation highlighter packaging

I got this for INR 1500. I have a similar product in pearl shade as well and it looks very natural. This time I wanted to try a more festive and bridal highlighter base for my makeup tutorials and so I got this beautiful shimmer based highlighter!

Kryolan Makeup-Blend Mixing Medium

Kryolan Makeup Blend Mixing Medium price

It is priced at INR 1000.

It is mainly to make the foundation a little sheer and natural! Also it tends to diminish any cakey looking foundation to a more blended and natural base! It is a multi-duty product and can be used to apply dry gel eyeliner, cream blushes, cream foundations etc.

Well, this was all I got from Kryolan and I will be reviewing each of these products so stay tuned for all these awesome professional makeup products!

If you are a professional makeup artist then there is a wide range of products which you can get from Kryolan at affordable price! You can get gel eyeliners, compacts, eyelashes, blush palette, lip liners!

I hope you find this video helpful and if you want any type of video which you want to see, then do share in the comments!

Checkout my Kryolan Professional Makeup haul and must haves for a Makeup Artist Kit!

Have you tried any of these products shown above?

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