Must Have Products In Your Bag For Oily Skin


Must Have Products In Your Bag For Oily Skin

Hello Beauties,

Monsoons have retreated and it is the onset of the Autumn season followed by the chilly winters! It is really challenging for us to keep our skin in perfect health and maintain the glow with the ever changing seasons. Also the humidity which governs how a particular skin is going to react to the surrounding!

For instance, I have a normal skin and during winters I experience the usual dry skin issues. But yes, of course the dry patches are not so severe for my skin! But during most of the time in a year my skin tends to be oily due to the high humidity! And I have to rely on oil controlling skin care products to take proper care of my skin and avoid any breakouts or large skin pores!!


So talking about Oily skin, which is prone to clogged skin pores and blackheads, here I have a list of must haves for Oily skin beauties in their vanity bag!

Makeup Remover Wipes

neutrogena makeup remover wipes

Well this is essential because you can use them without any water or cleanser in a jiffy! It effectively removes makeup and every trace of grease from the face! Skin looks matte and you can easily follow up with a quick CTM routine!


clinique astringent for oily skin

Prefer this over a toner as some toners tendร‚ย  to make the face a little oily but an astringent will give a cooling effect along with wiping the excess grime from the face! This is quite effective in preventing the appearance of the skin pores!

Gel Based Face wash

best face wash reviews (20)

For those who have oily skin, ditch any of the hydrating face wash available in the stores and pick ones with a gel based transparent solution formulation as those are the ones that are going to suit the oily skin and will effectively cleanse the skin and giving a matte look!

Gel Based Sunscreen

sunscreen products

A gel based sunscreen is a must for those who have oily skin as it controls the shine on the face and mattifys it effectively. A gel based sunscreen is light in texture and controls the oil secretion making the skin look healthy!

Oil Control Moisturizer

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer

A moisturizer is essential for any type of skin and for an oily skin the moisturization needs to be oil controlling and nourishing without adding to the oiliness of the skin!


how to use primer 2

A primer which can be easily sprayed on the face is perfect for all those oily skin beauties as it gives a perfect base for the effortless makeup application! For instance Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Mineral Foundation

revlon mineral foundation review

Above all a mineral foundation is considered the best friend for a women who has an excessive oily skin as any other foundation is prone to melt away and won’t survive for a long time! A mineral foundation tends to give a matte look to the skin and also gives a great coverage to oily skin for a long time!

Compact Powder

latest compact powders india

A compact powder is surely a savior for all the beauties with oily skin as it effectively reduces the shine on the face and is also a staple product for those emergency touch ups! ๐Ÿ™‚

Powder based Blush

milani blush rose D'ore

A powder based blush is what is going to suit the beauties who have oily skin! The powder texture blends easily on the oily skin and doesn’t look powdery or flaky at all!

Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara

coloressence waterproof eyeliner pencil peacock blue eotd

Since you have an oily waterline, a waterproof eyeliner & mascara is the only thing that is going to stay on the eyes at the end of the day otherwise oily skin beauties will end up with raccoon eyes after a few of application!

Oil Blotting Tissues

ELF Oil Blotting Sheets

One of the must have items in the vanity bag of of oily skin girls is the oil blotting tissues which help in absorbing the excess oil in a matter of seconds and the skin is shine free again with a matte glow on the face!

I hope you like this extensive list of things oily skin girls can include in their vanity bag at all times! ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your must have items in your bag?

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