Must Have Smoky Eye Makeup Products


I might sound stupid to you people as most of you are fantastic in makeup .I want to learn doing smoky eyes and with tonnes of products available in market I was interested in knowing what are the must have products, brushes etc for smoky eyes.I don’t mind buying MAC products also but they should be of good use .I don’t want them to just stay in my vanity drawer .Hope the makeup expert and obsessed Wise She readers/authors will help me out .

must have smoky eye makeup

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  1. I use a fool proof method using 2 eyes pencils – one grey and one black, both from Faces but you can use any good long staying pencil. This is a really simple method.. easy to do and wearable!

    1.I line my eyes thickly on the top as well as bottom with grey first… joining and extending well at the corners.
    2.Then line the yes with a much thinner line in black, close to the lash lines, again both on top n bottom or only top if so desired.
    3. Smudge lightly with a finger, don’t rub back and forth. I don’t usually need to smudge.

  2. I just did a tutorial on smokey eyes 🙂 its very simple..first step prime your eyelids well the last thing you want is smokey eye creasing! apply a kohl liner on your top lashline and smudge it lightly. Next take any black eyeshadow preferably matte and apply it on the smudged kohl not taking it above the crease area. Next comes the most imp part of blending! take a matte brown eyeshadow and blend out the harsh edges of the black eyeshadow in the crease area…blend blend blend until you get the desired look! apply kohl on lower lashline and again smudge it out with same brown eyeshadow you used earlier….apply a good concealer under the eyes..preferably couple of shades lighter to your skin tone..its very imp to have a bright under eye area for any smokey eye to work. Hope this helps 🙂

    • for products you just need 3 a good creamy kohl, a matte black eyeshadow – NYX single black is good or even refills from inglot and a brown matte eyeshadow – something like wedge/cork/soba from MAC would be great!

  3. Parita… I just checked it out… really nice tutorial.. will definitely try it out. Will it look good with satin eye shadows, too? I don’t have many matte colors.

  4. Simplest would be with 2 products: a black or grey kohl/kajal pencil plus a brown eyeshadow.
    Use the pencil as a base. Line, then smudge.
    Then apply the brown shadow on it. I use pencils from Lakme and Bourjois. Brown E/s from Maybelline chai latte.

  5. for me smokey eyes are always using a gel liner topped with a matching e/s… 2 bushes , 1 normal e/s brush and 1 blending brush.. thts it 😉
    n yess u can use 1 2nd e/s for highlighting the brow bone and inner eye corner. 🙂

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