Must Have Supplements For Women’s Health


Must Have Supplements For Women’s Health


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Once I did a post about vitamins that are needed for beauty and today I will give you more gyan. Today’s article is about women’s health. We eat different food items in our diet but most of us lack somewhere and our bodies don’t get the required nutrients in adequate quantities.

It is essential to include various groups of food in our meals but when the food is not enough the supplements come to the rescue. Read carefully and if you find yourself lacking anywhere then do start taking supplements.



must have supplements for women health

The most important supplements for women’s health are-


Most of us understand the importance of calcium. It is essential to maintain good bone health as women start losing bone density in their twenties. The importance of calcium is not limited to bones. It is also essential for blood clotting, nervous system functions and for strong teeth.
Calcium is found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and fruits like banana. But the calcium content of these foods is not enough to supplement the body-requirements. Women need at least 1000 mg calcium daily so it is advisable to include a good calcium supplement in your diet.


Women lose iron during periods and the ones with heavy periods lose a lot of it. Iron is essential to maintain stamina and hair health. It improves immune system, stimulates production of red blood cells and regulates body-temperature. The lack of iron results in anemia.
Iron is found in cereals, whole grains, leafy greens, fish and red meat etc. If you take these food regularly then you don’t need iron supplements as women need only 18 mg of iron daily. But if are not into these foods then make sure to include iron supplements in your regimen.

Omega 3

If you love fish and have salmon, tuna or sardines regularly then you will enjoy good health in general. These fish are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also found in some nuts.
Omega 3 is essential for cognitive functions and also helps in reducing high blood pressure as it reduces bad cholesterol. Omega 3 also helps in lowering the risk of cancer, arthritis and heart problems.
Fish is the best source pf omega 3 but if you don’t eat fish then make fish oil capsules a part of your ‘diet’. Never have more than 3 mg fish oil in a single day.



vitamins for skin glow
Vitamins are the basis of a healthy body. Various vitamins are found in different food items. You can take multivitamins to supplant your daily needs. Different multivitamins have varying ratios of different vitamins and you should choose one as per your needs. If you need only one particular vitamin then you can also take specific pills for it.

Now take a look at the vitamins that women need the most-

Vitamin A

This one is needed foe a healthy immune system, skin and eyes. Vitamin A also reduces the risk of cardiac diseases. It can easily be supplemented with carrots, tomatoes and greens. It is also found in fish and dairy products. Pills of vitamin A can also be taken if needed.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B includes 8 different vitamins and all are needed for a healthy body. Most important of the group are folate and biotin. Folic acid is essential for pregnant ladies as it protects the child from birth defects. It prevents anemia and reduces risk of some types of cancer. It is found in fruits, leafy greens and beans.
Biotin is important for hair and nail health. Its deficiency is rare and this vitamin is found in avocado, cauliflower and liver.

Other B vitamins are found in dairy products, cereals, legumes, green leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs and meat. If you include good amount of these things in your food or eat a lot of grains then you don’t need to supplement vitamin B through pills. Otherwise make it a point to have this group of vitamins daily as it guards against fatigue, anemia, loss of appetite, depression, eczema and birth defects etc.

Vitamin C

This is an anti-oxidant and boosts immunity. If your body lacks vitamin C then you may face the problems of dry, brittle hair and rough, scaly skin. Vitamin C guards against scurvy and helps prevent wrinkles.

Besides citrus fruits, it is found in broccoli and red pepper. Have these or have supplements.

Vitamin D

Thanks to Indian advertising, we know that vitamin D is essential for bone health as it helps in calcium absorption. Besides it also reduces risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Vitamin D protects from diabetes and boosts immune system .

It is found in very few foods and that too in inadequate quantities. Vitamin D is present in eggs, cheese, salmon, fish oils and orange juice. The best source is sun and make sure to spend 5 minutes under sun daily without using any sun protection product.

A vitamin D supplement is must for body and besides availablity as single dose, it also comes in combination with calcium.

These are the most needed supplements for a female body. Before including any supplement in your diet, consult a doctor.

Do you take diet supplements?

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