Must Know Benefit Of Scrubbing Your Scalp


Must Know Benefit Of Scrubbing Your Scalp

Whenever we think about scrubbing or exfoliating ourselves, we always think and work around our skin. We totally forget about our scalp which requires scrubbing as well and has its own needs to be taken care of. Today, I am writing this post about the importance of scrubbing and the benefits one could derive out of it.

So what is the logic of scalp getting exfoliation? This is what you are thinking right? Well the answer is that the same logic for which you exfoliate the skin i.e., to remove the dirt and oil from your scalp. Also, there are some build ups which happen to clog your pores and prevent hair growth or cause impurities which could lead to hair fall or lack of shine in your hair. Exfoliation helps in controlling these impurities and stimulating your hair growth.

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The clear benefits of scrubbing your scalp are that it takes care of the dead skin. It is removed and your scalp stays healthy. Having a clean scalp is as necessary as a clear skin. Scrubbing helps to clear off the dead skin which otherwise can make your scalp itchy and irritating. I am sure you know how it feels when you are subjected to extreme dryness on your scalp and you feel like scratching it all the time. It is definitely not a healthy sign. One must know that the scalp has the capacity to produce its own sebum which is its oil. And there is often no need of any extra products to be put alongside. This leads to a continuous and prolonged cycle of dryness of the scalp.

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood circulation for the scalp is also as necessary as for other parts of the body. If it is not done to the scalp, it eventually loses on its strength and produces no or less sebum and there are then problems like hair decay, hair fall and less hair growth. The hair also start to weaken leading to a lot of brittleness and more hair fall from the roots. Ouch! That is surely disheartening. We must use softer hair products to ensure that our scalp stays away from heavy hair products like layers of oil, heavy duty shampoos and conditioners.

One must also take care of the fact that scalp should not be exposed to extreme heat as it might also lead to damage to the scalp which even exfoliation would not be able to work on to restore. One must therefore take good care of the scalp and do exfoliation on a regular basis.

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Scrubbing or exfoliation can also help remove the dandruff if done regularly. I have seen people suffer from seasonal as well as heavy flaking and this is obviously not a pleasant sight for even the onlookers. To avoid this from happening, one must precautionary do a bit of scrubbing every now and then.

A simple homemade scrub is using brown sugar and olive oil. This would help clean the scalp apart from the benefits as mentioned above. You should do it once a fortnight for sure at least. After this your shampoo and conditioner are enough to help you reach your goal. But ensure that the scrubbing is done in circular motions so as to enhance blood circulation.

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Here is Anamika’s video of How to exfoliate scalp and deep condition hair.



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