Must Know Buzzfeed Beauty Hacks


Must Know Buzzfeed Beauty Hacks

I was wondering about solutions to daily routine beauty issues that affect my life and a click led me to Buzzfeed. It is a popular website that provides some easy to deploy beauty hacks that can make your life easier than ever.

I thought to share some of them with you as these seemed to be must try to me.

Hiding Dark circles using concealer

under eye dark circles

Often we find ourselves putting those dots of concealer to hide the dark circles but they usually do not go down under. The right way is to smear it in triangular shape as shown in the pictures for your ready reference. This way it spreads evenly and hides every part of dark spots you are aiming at.

Do final touch ups to your Make-up while in your car

makeup in car

Yes! You read it right. As per Buzzfeed, after you put your make-up and reach your car, you should check it once again for any loops and misses. A different light during our car ride helps you even the make-up before you head for your start of the day.

Converting your glossy lipstick to matte

In case you have exhausted your matte lipstick or you are not willing to buy a new one or need one urgently. You may dab your concealer on your lips and then apply your glossy lipstick, the resultant look will surprise you with a matte effect, isn’t it a pretty useful tip?

Converting nail polish to matte

converting nail polish matte

You can also do the same to your nail polish to make it matte finish. Just add a bit of cornstarch to it and apply the nail paint.

Apply perfume in right areas to make it last all day

Often we wonder where our so called long-lasting perfume goes away even after we applied it generously. I came across this Buzzfeed suggestion that says that applying it in said parts helps retain the fragrance longer than our normal application. These parts include behind the ear, inside the wrist, base of throat, inside elbow and behind the knee. Now, this is what I call interesting!

Removing Split Ends gets so easy!

Braided hair

We often end up getting our hair trimmed to get rid of the split ends. In spite of all the care possible, we do get these split ends at the end of our hair and make us ponder over a solution other than getting the length shortened. Now here is a tip that would make you retain your length and take little effort in removing the ugly splits from the hair.

All you need to do is to part your hair into two halves, then take one half of the hair and further part it into two halves. Now part each strand of hair into rolls by twisting them until you feel a tight braid. Now the hair that are pooling above the hair in your hands are the loose split ends which you can cut and remove using a pair of scissors. Cover the entire hair this way and you are now free of split ends!

Are you aware of any Buzz beauty hacks ? Do let us know in the comment section 🙂

Have you tried any of these beauty hacks before?

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