Must Know Curly Hair Hacks


Must Know Curly Hair Hacks

Curly hair tends to attract more attention than any sleek pin straight hair because of the edgy look it goes with! There is an unusual charm for curly hair which most silky straight hair fail to draw!

As as teenager, I always wondered how one of my didis’ in the colony managed to comb her super curly hair when my wavy hair hurt so much and mom would not comb without putting dollops of oil on my scalp!

Well, as I grew up I understood the difference between normal curly hair and that of the old pandits (read saadhu) you get to see on your way to a temple! :-p

Long layered out-and-out curly

It was much later I understood that curly hair is not always supposed to be frizzy or rough! It can be smooth and silky yet have the natural curls in it!

Well, curly hair beauties certainly look for some hair hacks for hair care which would be great for the daily styling and so here I will be talking about some hair hacks for those beauties who have curly hair!

Say No To Shampoo-

apple cider vinegar hair

Usually those who have a heavy volume of hair and the hair texture is dry, shampoo would even make the hair dry and coarse and the curls will become frizzy so a no shampoo rule should be practiced and the shampoo can be easily replaced with a natural hair cleanser like Apple Cider or vinegar to let the hair texture remain naturally moisturized!

Use a satin pillow cover-

The hair tends to create a lot of friction while we are asleep and that is the main reason why one usually develops frizz overnight! So for the sake of your curly hair, let them remain at the same texture by using a satin pillow cover so that the friction developed by rubbing your hair on the pillow whole night doesn’t make your hair frizzy or rough!

Using Leave-in Treatments-

dermorganic leave in treatment review

Well, if you have curly hair then you need to take care of your hair in a better way and use leave-in hair conditioner or serum products which keep your hair nourished and hydrated enough throughout the morning and the next morning you wake up, you don’t have to struggle with the rough and frizzy hair texture!

De-tangle hair before its dry-

Nicky Clarke NSS042 Hair Therapy 230 Straightener - Paddle Brush

Well, although it is not advised by hair care experts to comb hair when it is wet but because after drying hair tuns frizzy, for those who have curly hair it is advised to use a wide comb to get rid of the tangles in hair during the last rinse so that the hair upon drying remains straight and less frizzy!

Weekly Deep Conditioning-

Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment

The key to keep your curly hair look gorgeous is basically to keep them hydrated and for that you need to indulge in a deep conditioning hair treatment every week on a regular basis.

Limit the use of Heat styling appliances-

Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener Black Review+hair straightening

It is is important for you to understand that natural curls are very difficult to styled and in the process you are only going to damage the hair with excessive use of heating appliances for straightening! It is good to get a permanent straightening treatment done in order to avid daily struggles of keeping the hair straight all the time!

So, these were some of the very basic hair hacks which beauties with natural curly hair can keep in mind and embrace their curly hair!

Have you tried these hacks for curly hair?

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