Must Know Do’s And Don’ts For Winter Haircare


Must Know Do’s And Don’ts For Winter Haircare

I have terribly frizzy hair. I mean often when I look in the mirror, I look no less than a lion. And thanks to the chilly winters, my hair becomes frizzier. All of us have different types of hair. Some are blessed with problem-free hair, whereas some are struggling with their unending hair problems. But whatever your hair type is, you have to really take care of your mane in winters; otherwise the chilly winter will wreak havoc on your luxurious tresses.

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So today we will be sharing a few tips to take care of your hair in winters. Time to keep your hair looking amazing in the colder months with these easy to follow Do’s and Don’ts.

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  • Quick deep conditioning with coconut oil is what you need every 15 days (at least) to ward off dry winter woes. Warm up some oil and apply on scalp and hair length. Gently rub into your hair from the roots to the tips, focusing on the dry and rough places. After massaging well use a plastic shower cap to cover your hair. You can also use warm towel for some extra pampering. After an hour, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

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  • Cleanse your scalp every alternate day. It is winter, and that doesn’t mean there is no dirt and pollution all around you. Never allow the accumulation of dirt and grime on your scalp in winters. It can lead to dirty, dry, itchy scalp and then to dandruff and other scalp infections.
  • Cold air makes hair dry. So conditioning your hair after shampooing in winters is a must. As I said in my opening lines, my hair is terribly dry and frizzy and what my hair mostly needs is deep conditioning. It really helps a lot.
  • Always dry your hair before leaving the house, not just to avoid getting a cold but also to keep your hair from becoming brittle and dry. Towel dry or blow dry. Also let your hair dry completely before tying or styling it.
  • Use a scarf, hat or cap to protect your hair from harsh winter winds.
  • Use conditioning and moisturizing hair masks and hair packs to take care of your beautiful hair during the winters.


  • Keep yourself hydrated.


  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Not washing your hair every day will preserve moisture in the hair and natural oil in the scalp and prevent it from becoming dry and frizzy.
  • Avoid overuse of styling tools. Styling tools can contribute to troubled tresses. I know it is fun to straighten or curl your hair, but in winters, avoid styling tools as much as you can. If you have to use styling tools, then don’t forget to use a good quality heat defense spray before styling.

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  • Don’t go out without a scarf covering your head.
  • Avoid using henna in winters as it will further dry your hair. Use moisturizing packs instead. If you have to use henna, then mix it with moisturizing ingredients like curd, oil etc.
  • Don’t use hot water for rinsing your hair. Use lukewarm water instead. Prolonged exposure to hot water washes away the natural oils our scalp excretes which help in keeping hair soft and naturally moisturized.
  • Do not comb wet hair.
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  • Don’t go outside with wet hair.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

What do you do to take care of your tresses in winters?

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