Must Know Do’s & Don’ts For Perfect Eyebrow Shape


Must Know Do’s & Don’ts For Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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Eye brow grooming is one important beauty ritual which women need to get done every once in a month or sometime twice a month if your eye brow hair grows too fast!


I so long for my virgin eyebrows until I got married! They were not perfectly shaped but I never felt to get them shaped in a salon, but after marriage even if my husband didn’t want to alter my brows, extended sister in law tagged me along in one of the salons and I had to get it done! 🙁 Well, I did feel the difference in my look, for sure! But after that I again stopped getting it done because I kept moving from place to place and parlor to parlor which didn’t give me the desired shape!

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Well, after sometime I realized that I need to do something about it and started telling strictly my parlor girl or aunty to not go overboard and alter my natural brow line! Some gave better results  while some made blunders! But yes, you can surely do few needful things to save your self from the eye brow-shaping-gone wrong sessions if you follow these set of do’s and don’ts the next time you visit a salon to get your bushy eye brows shaped for a polished look!

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Reputed Salon-

Do make sure to visit a decent parlor with trained beauticians and it is better to take some previous customer feedback so that you won’t repent going there later on!

Don’t get your eye brows done with a relative who has recently completed her course in becoming a beautician! You are not her experimental muse so please don’t be so polite and say no straight away!

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Interact with your Beautician-

It is essential that your go and tell clearly the shape you want for your eye brows!

Make sure you make it very clear to her that in any case you are not a fan of the artificial looking arched brows and want your brows to look as natural as possible!

Don’t just go there and tell her you want an eye brow shaping and sit tight lipped only to repent not speaking up later when you find out your beautician removed quite much hair in giving the shape! 🙁

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Visits To The Salon-

Make sure that you do visit the salon to get your brows shaped at regular intervals! Don’t leave it like that waiting for some important occasion. And then just a day before head straight to the parlor! Few breakouts emerge on the forehead just after so 3-4 days before get your eye brows done!

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Don’t over-visit your salon like every 10 days. Give ample time for your brows to grow back decently. So that if you are thinking to change the shape, you have the hair growth required to give a particular shape!

After threading care-

Do make sure to apply cooling ice pads to the brow area immediately after your threading!

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Don’t apply any kind of cream, moisturizer or lotion on the brow area immediately after threading. It may clog the open pores!

Using tweezers before threading-

It is strictly not advised that you use tweezers if you are looking forward to visiting the salon in the coming 3-4 days! If there is an emergency, use the tweezer to give the desired shape but delay  your visit to the parlor!

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Don’t get your eyebrows shaped if you have recently trimmed them with a tweezer few days ago!

So, I hope many of you might relate to these eye brow shaping struggles! Hope you find the post useful! 🙂

Have you tried these eye brow shaping tips before?

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