Must Know Fashion Hacks For Girls


Must Know fashion hacks for girls

Sometimes we are just in a panic state of mind. Clock ticking, dress not ready, make-up left. And to add to it, we find that most of our required stuff is either out of stock our ruined or not perfect to be used. These fashion tips and hacks could act wonders if you remember them at the right time.

Eye Pencil can be used as eye liner!!

brown-gel-liner-eye-liner review

Ran out of your eye liner? Never mind! You may use your eye pencil creating a thick line above your eye. For this, you just need to face your eye pencil towards the flame for 10-15 seconds and then simply apply it as a gel based EYE LINER and you are sorted!

Foundation can replace a concealer


Quite often we find ourselves about to don makeup and suddenly we find our foundation out of stock or may be expired. This is a pretty tricky situation which often leads to unnecessary delays, problems and quarrels with the one’s waiting. A perfect solution to the same is the use of your concealer. Simply put your concealer in comparatively generous quantity over the patch you wish to cover and then let the concealer dry. Once it dries, just pat it over the skin like a normal foundation.

Long Lasting Lip Color using your normal lipstick

We often find our guaranteed 5 hour lip colors not working even 2 hours. There is a simple trick that can make it last as a dab. All you need is to apply it once, then dry it using a tissue or a napkin. Then put some powder over it and then apply another coat. These simple steps help create a matte effect and make the lip color stay longer.

Deodorant Stains can be removed using baby wipes

 baby wipes

We often find stains on our clothes when we are just about to step out of the house. It is quite irritating to change at the last minute. Not anymore! Simply carry baby wipes with you and wipe the stain off.

Sweat Stains from your shirt’s underarms can be removed using Lemons

how to lemon

No more sulking over the yellow armpits. You may now apply lemon over your stained shirts and see the stains getting disappeared soon. Just wash normally after letting the lemon juice stay for 1-2 minutes. You may wash them normally.

Removing Chewing Gum from your clothes or hair

mouth freshner

We all face this once or twice in our life. If you mistakenly stick a chewing gum on your clothes or your hair, dry it cold with an ice cube. This way the gum will freeze and is easy to be removed.

Drying Nail polish

drying nail polish

Usually we all face an issue with drying the nail polish. We try and keep ourselves stagnant for a long time to dry it but still smudge it somehow. A miraculous solution is to put it under cold water which dries it completely.

De-puffing under eyes

green tea bags for dark circles

We can use teabags to put under eyes which are rich in caffeine and hence help in reducing those sac bags from under your eyes. It also helps in rejuvenating and de-stressing in a very short span of time.

Curling Hair Naturally

milani cosmetics blush in coral cove fotd

Looking for those beach curls? Just braid your hair tight and go to sleep. When you get up next morning, untangle your braids and crunch them with your fist. The result would be beautiful wavy hair.

Have you tried these useful fashion hacks for girls?

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