Must Know Japenese Beauty Secrets


Must Know Japanese Beauty Secrets


Flawless and young skin is the signature Japanese feature. Japanese women look years younger than their real age. Let me tell you guys, that one of my cousin is married to a Japanese girl. This SIL of mine is at least 10 years older to me and has three kids but she does not look more than 25 even today. Maybe its the climate that she lives in but yes, years of good care cannot be ignored.

Japanese love to exercise and stay away from sugary and fatty foods.

In some companies, a person may lose their job if found unfit or with a pot belly.

Japanese girls love to use natural things for their skin care. They believe that everything we put on skin, goes ultimately in our bloodstream so it is better to stay away from chemicals.


must know japanese beauty secrets

Some of the must-know Japanese beauty secrets are


Japanese women prefer light oils for moisturizing their skins. They particularly like camellia oil for this purpose. They also use rice bran oil on skin. These oils are mild and non-comedogenic. They use cold pressed oils that are free of any chemicals.

Blocking the Sun

Japanese women block the harms of sun in an entirely different way. They don’t prefer to use sunscreens rather they use protective clothing. Yes, there is fashionable anti-UV hats, gloves and leggings etc. available in Japanese market that are preferred by the girls there over chemical laden sunscreens. If they must wear a sunscreen then they do not go above SPF 15 so as to avoid the harms.


Mild, unscented soaps are the choice of Japanese girls. They use soaps that are made of natural ingredients and have no chemicals and preservatives.

Green Tea

Japanese love their green tea. It is a big secret behind their radiant skins. They drink a lot of it. Apart from it they use skin care products with green tea. They even use it for bath. Green tea has high tannin content which tightens pores and keeps skin moisturized.


They use natural granules like Azuki beans to scrub the face. For their bodies they use a special washcloth to get rid of dull skin.

Hair Care

Japanese ladies use seaweed based hair cleansers. It has calcium, magnesium and iron which protect hair and keep it soft and strong. They use camellia oil to nourish their hair. It is applied on damp hair to keep it shiny and healthy. They use wood combs that are hand made. Wood combs do not get tangled in hair and also cut frizz as they do not generate static.

Healthy Eating

Chopsticks play a huge part in keeping Japanese fit. Chopsticks pick less food so one eats slowly and brain gets the ‘full’ signal early. Japanese also eat a lot of fish and seafood that keep their skin in a great condition. They eat a lot of rice but it is cooked without oil and provides energy too.

Japanese include cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage in their diet which are good sources of fibres, vitamins and antioxidants. They also like mushrooms which keep immunity high and lower the bad cholesterol.


Japanese women are proud of their feminine qualities. They are graceful and poised. They take good care of themselves just for themselves and not to impress anyone else. Their confidence and inner beauty is what makes them even more beautiful.

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  1. I had a Korean girl in my class during graduation and omg she had such flawless skin and believe me I have seen her without makeup in hostel…her skin used to glow and lovely black hair she had…I guess it’s mostly their diet that plays a very important role….she always had steamed, boiled food, salads, lots of veggies


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