Must Know Long Hair Hacks


Must Know Long Hair Hacks

Those flowing long locks are just so beautiful. Most girls love to keep their hair long even though its difficult to manage them. Long hair is after all associated with beauty. If you are also among the lucky ones with long tresses, we are making you even luckier. We have compiled a few hair hacks that girls with long hair must know to make their life easier-

coconut hair mask for shiny long hair

Long hair is heavy and all hair of same length don’t look that great. It is easier to manage layers. Get your long hair layered without compromising on the length. Layered hair is easier to manage.

Another heavy task associated with long hair is washing them. Hair need to be washed at least twice a week but still hair may look limp. To refresh your hair without having to wash them completely, just shampoo your bangs. You can shampoo your bangs in the basin easily. Washed bangs give the illusion of washed hair.

Bblunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a must have for long tresses. You can substitute it with cornstarch or baby powder also.

If you love the bombshell blowout look but stay away from it owing to your long hair, you need something. You need to invest a hot air brush. It drys hair and styles them at the same time.

must know long hair hacks

Those bouncy curls are just too attractive to resist. You can curl your long hair easily if you curl them after making braids. Divide your hair in 5-6 sections and braid each of them separately. Now run hair straightener over each braid. Open your hair and there you have gorgeous curls.

Long hair can be easily weighed down. For voluminous hair, wash your hair before you sleep at night. Apply your favorite volumizing gel and make a bun. In the morning blow dry your bun for a few minutes and then open it.

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Ponytails, buns and braids are the go to looks for long hair. To reinvent your look, go for a pinched pony also known as bubble braid. It looks cute and gives you a new look.

Long hair gets tangled easily and so never skip conditioner. You can use conditioner as an alternative to shampoo once or twice a week. Conditioner cleanses hair to some extent and make it silky.

Do you know more Long Hair Hacks?

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