Must Know Things Before Bleaching And Precautions


Must Know Things Before Bleaching And Precautions

Bleaches have always been popular in beauty circuit. Facial bleaches are meant to lighten the color of facial hair so that its not visible and blends with the skin. These days many girls think that bleach will give them white skin which is not true. Bleaches are more suitable for lighter skin tones with light facial hair. Very dark facial hair don’t get really light so as to blend with the skin.

Bleaches don’t work that well for darker skin tones too. When darker skinned girls bleach their face, facial hair turns light and shine against the dark skin. It does not look appealing at all especially when you are under sunlight.

If bleach suits you its a very good method to hide facial hair. You don’t need to bleach very often so it saves you from the trouble of getting facial hair threaded, waxed etc. Skin can be bleached in a matter of 20 minutes with no pain even though there is a little tingling on skin which is normal. All this seems great but only if you take all the necessary precautions before bleaching face.

Precautions Before Bleaching

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  • Always start by reading the instructions carefully beforehand since directions may vary from brand to brand.
  • Always do a patch test before trying a new bleach. Apply some bleach under the elbow and leave for 48 hrs. You can bleach your face if there is no adverse reactions like redness, itching or an other problem on that area. If there is any discomfort, do not use that bleach on face.
  • Never leave bleach on skin for more than 15 the time given on package under an circumstances. It will not do any good but there is every chance that you will end up harming skin.
  • Always apply bleach on cleansed skin.
  • Never apply bleach, near eyes and brows. Make sure that your hair doesn’t come in contact with bleach or you will get some fried golden locks.
  • When a bleach is working on skin, it causes tingling sensations but in case of an burning or a lot of discomfort, wash it off immediately.
  • Do not expose skin to sun for 24 hrs after bleaching. If that’s not possible wait for about an hour before stepping out in sun and apply sunblock. For this reason its best to apply bleach in the evening.
  • You can see a little less activator powder than recommended on the pack but never use more than that. Make only as much bleach mixture as you need. If some of it is left, discard it and do not store it for future usages.
  • Bleach should not be used by pregnant women and also those who are trying to conceive.

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  • Apply bleach gently on skin and never rub it.
  • Use cool water to wash bleach off face.
  • Dark skinned ladies those with darker skin tone should leave the bleach on for upto 10 min only, wheatish skin upto 15 mins and fair skin at least 15 mins or as instructed.
  • Do not use soaps, face washes, creams, lotions or anything except pure water on bleached skin for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours. Bleaching removes a layer of your skin, making it extra sensitive and thus needs time to recuperate.
  • Using creams that contain retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid etc. may increase the sensitivity of your skin to bleaches. Limit the use of these creams a day or two prior to the day you intend to bleach.
  • Do not bleach immediately after using scrubs/exfoliators/peels. If you are undergoing treatments like chemical peels or laser therapy, completely avoid bleaches until the treatment period is over. Even after that, bleach only after consulting your dermatologist.
  • Do not apply bleach on irritated/chapped/ inflamed skin. Never apply on open wounds, burns or cuts.
  • Some bleaches come with a spatula and a plastic plate to prepare the bleach mixture. If this is not provided, use a plastic bowl and plastic spatula/ spoon. Never use metal bowls/spoons to prepare the mixture. Metals tend to react with the chemical components of the bleach activator.
  • Do not bleach immediately after waxing, threading, epilating or any other form of hair removal.

Do you follow these tips Before Bleaching And Precautions?

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