Must Know Tips To Boost & Protect Your Immunity


Must Know Tips To Boost & Protect Your Immunity

Hey Everyone! The season is changing with occasional showers & sunshine and the body is sometimes not able to adjust so quickly to these dynamics in our outside environment and hence the cold, cough issues are on the rise! Well, today’s topic is somewhat related to theΒ  Must Know Tips To Boost & Protect Your Immunity. So that you don’t fall prey to the changing weather and fall sick and you built your body perfectly immune to any variations of these types!

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boost your immunity

This week started good but my father caught viral infection soon which made him literally weak and not able to eat anything properly! Well, since he is a little old, the body surely needs ample time to heal and I have been doing everything I can from home remedies to homeopathic medicines! Needless to mention the good old ” Kaadha” I am giving him for the slight cold & throat infection has been quite reliving!

better immunity

Well, here are some basic tips you can follow easily to protect your immunity & also boost it for better health!

How To Protect Your Immune System?


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sleep well

It is not a rocket science to figure out the needs of your body! You biological clock indicates everything! Check your sleeping patterns and you can easily track that better sleep makes your full of energy the next day and you eat well and feel better inside out! When you don’t take ample rest during the night, it tends to show up on your face & may give you aches in the head as if you are already down with something! Sleep early & take enough rest between 6-8 hours daily! Follow it as a lifestyle for a stronger immune system!

Stress & Anxiety

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connect with people

Believe me! When you are stressed, the body is at a weak spot and it can be prone to the most common and less likely infections like cold very easily! Make sue to not over-think and keep your spirits high! If you are feeling that hollowness inside, sort it out through meditation or sweat it out! Don’t sit back as that is when your body’s immunity might not be the strongest!

pet an animal

You can also connect with others and talk to them! Sometimes loneliness too causes a weak immune system prone to diseases! Laugh a lot and do whatever makes you happy! Pet a dog or feed the birds you will feel great from inside!

Stay Hydrated

drinking hot water

If you are not sleep deprived or stressful, then it might be the toxins inside your body which are making you fall sick every week! Stay hydrated and flush out those harmful toxins from your body! Rely on water & other fresh detox drinks, smoothies whatever you wish to! You can drink a glass of wheat-grass juice to cleanse your body thoroughly! πŸ™‚

How To Boost Your Immunity?

No Alcohol

alcohol - Copy

It tends to leave your body dehydrated & also slows down your immune system unless the booze is out of your system in a good 1-2 days! Well, that time is enough for seasonal infections to attack your already dehydrated & weak body easily!

Fresh Air

fresh air and sunshine for immunity

You can boost your immunity by going out in the open, inhale fresh air, have a chance to see the morning sun and absorb its rays for an overall healing! Confined spaces have already done a lot to people these days like stress & obesity! Do let yourself out in the open on the weekends and you will certainly see your body building up its immunity level!

Munch Right!

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immunity boosting foods to eat

Have a lot of nuts, dry fruits & fresh fruits daily to keep the level of multi-vitamins high in your body! These altogether further strengthen the immunity and save you from any disease which might be spreading everywhere this season! Have some green tea few times in a week! Feed yourself well and you can reap the benefits of it for the entire life!

Well, this was something I wanted to share and that just made me realize why my dad needs to go out more often now! Maybe that what he is missing! I Got to tell that to him! πŸ™‚

Hope you find these tips useful!


  1. Hope aapke Papa ab ekdum thik hongey
    Healthy lifestyle k liye immunity must hai, main khud iske liye family k sath apne liye bhi dry fruits, fresh fruits, yoga n healthy food per dhyan deti hu


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