Must Know Tips To Ensure Healthy Hair Growth


Must Know Tips To Ensure Healthy Hair Growth

I love my hair and I thank my genes for the voluminous hair. Also a lot of other things too contribute to a healthy hair growth because it is a continuous procedure and when the hair breaks new hair grows back making your hair look healthy & full of life! Well, not to mention the excess pollution, quality of water, excessive hair styling, sun & the food you eat has a lot of effect on your hair!

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The major reasons which affect hair growth are the stress, lack of adequate sleep, not eating enough of minerals & nutritious food which are helpful for hair growth. As a result of these lifestyle issues, common stress induced problems like balding are continuously increasing! Our body gives these tiny signals in the form of these problems which we often ignore and it becomes too late to reverse its effects!

Healthy Diet

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A healthy diet is the key to a lot of problems in your body! Hair and skin being the external most organs show its effect quickly! For healthy hair one needs to have a lot of green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits along with those which are enriched in vitamins and minerals like zinc and potassium! Protein intake also improves hair health to a great extent! Regular consumption of protein in the food increases the hair growth and you will see the hair texture improving. It also increases the hair volume!

Appropriate Sleep

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Sleep in general is listed to cure a lot of stress related problems as the body needs to unwind and relax at regular intervals so as to function properly! So a daily routine which ensures you peaceful sleep of at least 6-8 hours every day is good for overall health and your hair as well! Sleep disorders are one of the prime reasons why hair growth suddenly stops and it shows in the form of lesser hair volume!

Water/ Fluids

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One-third portion of our body is mainly water and so it is certainly one of the basic life elements you need to survive on! You can live without food for a week or more but without water a normal person cannot survive for more than 4-5 days! It is very important to keep the body hydrated and keep the blood circulation going! Water also acts as a medium to transport the essential minerals and vitamins throughout the body from your healthy intake! Drinking enough water throughout the day is very important to keep your hair healthy!

Hair Care


With everything in order, the healthy intake and enough sleep you also need to pamper your hair every now and then! You need to remove any trace of impurities which come from the outer environment and damage the hair! The scorching sun, dusty winds & high humidity attracts dirt & your scalp is prone to a lot of problems which might affect your healthy hair and cause hair loss! It is always a good idea to use hair care packs, hair spa treatments every month in order to remove these impurities regularly! A weekly oil massage or essential oil hair treatment is great to keep your scalp clean and also provide unique relaxation which reduces hair loss considerably!

Hair Supplement

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Well, if you have been doing all of the above things religiously but still haven’t achieved visible results in terms of hair growth then the best way to have quick results in to start having a hair growth supplement because it makes sure that what your body cannot synthesize in spite of eating healthy & living a stress free life, you need an added boost of minerals & nutrition required for proper hair growth!

To make a hair supplement, I would recommend Nourkrin Women because I have been having is religiously along with the other things like eating clean & drinking lots of fluids!

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This hair supplement is very good for growth! It makes the hair hair look healthier and in spite of getting hair treatments done frequently on my hair, I didn’t have to worry about damaging them. This hair supplement is a great solution for all your hair problems like hair thinning, excessive hair fall etc.

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Checkout my detailed thoughts & experience with Nourkrin Women hair supplement in the video below!


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