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Hope you all are doing well! I am here today to share with you the latest trends in hair color pertaining to white color. Yes! I am not kidding. I am sure you already have seen it going trendy. 2016 has actually been a year of white hair and people are actually getting it!  Combining the white with natural color brown or black is the latest trend. So many people are opting for different hairstyles like bangs or may be flicks in white as was the trend for using a lavender or a burgundy shade previously.

new white hair color trends

It seems to be the simplicity of the color which is driving the youth towards it. Infact people with natural greys or whites are also enjoying the time with less expense now required in coloring them to black or brown. It is like people are accepting that they have got white hair with pride and those who do not have it are wanting it.

How is it done?

Well the hair of any color go white with time so it is well known that beyond this rich and present layer of black or brown or even golden, the resultant color would be white. So to arrive at this color, they extract the natural pigments and lighten the hair color with the help of using intensive techniques.

Post this they give a tint to the hair to give a matte look. This is what is good about it that the hair are not done white using some dye or color but using your own textured layer of hair.

The hair combination trends:-

There are a lot of hair color combinations used today to combine with white hair. These range from silvery white with black to normal matte white color with black or normal brown with white.
The style matters.

A lot of hair styles are trending to ensure that the white color stands out really well. Following are the trending hairstyles:-

Defined Hairstyles: Bob cuts, pony tails, straight fringed hairstyles or asymmetric hair that can actually help highlight the white color are trending these days

Layered hairstyles: messy bob cuts, razor cuts, laser defined fringes in white are more trending with more prominence to the white color.

2015-Short-Hair-Color-Trends (2)
Styled hair: Some predefined styles like buns and braids which show white as twirl or swing are trending as well.

The color of your outfit is important too!

It is necessary to team your new acquired hair color with your apparel. You should always highlight your whites by wearing the right set of clothes. Even the accessories you carry matter a lot here. I have read a few interviews of experts who believe that white hair needs a lot of complimenting by the outfits and accessories you carry.

The colors you could combine are:-

Pastels: Pastel shades in pink, light blue, green specially mint green, violet etc. go well with white hair. You could even use these colors as streaks for your hair to highlight the whites even more.
Black: Black is a natural best friend to white. You could combine white hair with black outfits and accessories and enhance the prominence. Imagine yourself with such hair, black outfit and smoky eye makeup, wow!
I think it is a trend that will continue to augment itself well for the years to come. Have a go at it girls!



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