My 10 Best Statement Necklaces India + Video


My 10 Best Statement Necklaces India

Hello everyone,

Jewellery and women is like an inseparable bond. When it comes to me, I am a complete jewellery hoarder. I love earrings but these days the earring lover inside me has taken a back seat, not that I do not like them anymore, it is just that I have found a new liking that surpasses my love for earrings.

And I have, over the years, become a huge fan of statement necklaces. I have always liked them but now the liking is becoming more of an obsession for me. 😉

I have hoarded a lot of statement necklaces, so much so that storing them right is no less than a task. Sassy statement necklaces can pull a look from simple to stylish with minimal efforts and I really love them for this. I adore dressing up with these. The other day when I was organizing my jewellery I thought of an idea of showing my bets picks to you.

So here I am with my best ten statement necklaces. Have a look.

Blue Beaded Necklace

nyx classic fuchsia lip swatch

This is a simple yet beautiful blue beaded necklace. It is easy to style and is very basic in design.  If you are someone who has just gotten into statement necklace then I suggest picking a piece like this.

Egyptian Design

This is a traditional Egypt design and makes quite a bold statement. This necklace is again in blue color. Styling it may become a little tricky for a newbie.

White Beaded Long Neckpiece

white beaded necklace

This is a gorgeous white beaded neck-piece which almost creates an illusion of pearls from far. It has copper beads in combination which makes it look more elegant. You can checkout my look with this necklace here.

Spikey Necklace

This is one of my favorites. It is a gold colored spikey necklace. I totally adore the way how it makes my looks chic and glamorous.

Silver Tube Necklace

new jewellery statement necklace

Another simple necklace for the ones who are trying their hands in the statement necklaces.

Long Rhinestones Necklace

rhinestone necklace

This is a long rhinestones statement necklace. It is a very bold necklace which requires a bit of efforts in styling. It looks really gorgeous.

Black Spikey necklace

new statement necklace

Another fabulous piece with Spike theme. It is a black necklace with golden spikes and rhinestone rings design. The black and golden combination makes it ideal to be worn with most of the outfits.

Antique Owl Necklace

This is not like the regular owl patterned neck pieces. It is an owl themed necklace with a difference. The white droplets give this necklace the much needed chic factor. The black stones studded in the necklace depict the eyes and mouth of the owl. Quite an interesting necklace design!

Flower Themed Necklace

Blue Statement Necklace

I ordered this necklace from Ali Express. This necklace came with a defect but its looks very fabulous and the defect is actually not evident. I really like the stone studded necklace and its impact.

Nepali Necklace

Beaded Antique Necklace

I recently got this necklace from one of my relatives who recently went to Jaipur. This is a absolute favorite piece. I simply am a fan of its antique design setting on silver.

Checkout the video below where I have shown each of the neck piece on me! 🙂

These were my favorite ten statement necklace. Which among these did you like the most?

What type of neck pieces do you like?

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