My 1st Blissocerved Box Arrived With A Makeup Product


If you happen to follow my twitter ramblings you would be knowing by now how desperate I was for the blisscovered box and was asking every one if they have subscribed to their  services.When I saw some of the products I was elated with the product sent by the company as I am completely a skin care junkie.Trying out different body lotions, scrubs, face packs, peels excites me the most.Albeit few of the girls did show their dissapointment towards not having a makeup product in it and I completely understand their point of view now because I got a chotu MUFE lip gloss. :yippee:

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I received five products which arrived in a blue box wrapped with a similar colour net  ribbon. How cute is that :blush:


Blisscovered+blisscovered products


and here goes my goodies


blisscover products+Fab India forest essentail hair oil brahmi+omved mint lip balm


There is a 5ml LANCOME GENIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATING CONCENTRATE –  It’s a tiny 5ml tube and I don’t think one can do justice to this product by reviewing it as half of the tube has air in it. 🙂

Next product excited me which is Clarins Softening Peeling Gentle Renewing lotion .Lotion helps in fading away the dark spots and is suppose to be applied twice a week.If this work  I am definitely going to order it.It will cost Rs,1800 on Blisscovered as they are providing INR 300 off on full product purchase.


Lancome youth activating concentrate  and clarins softening peeling


Alright, This is my MUFE lab shine star collection shade no. S18. It’s a lip gloss with 2 hrs of staying power.

MUFE lip gloss pink+MUFE Lab shine star collection S18 reviews and swatches



mufe lip gloss s18 swatches+MUFE  S18 lipgloss swatches +


I loved the minty sensation Omved lip balm which contains shea butter, kokum butter and mint oils.


Omved lip balm review+LIP BALM omved


Along with this I also got Forest Essential Brahmi Hair oil of which I am excited about .

Getting all these in INR 700 is not bad especially if you like to try out different high end brands.I am going to order again if they continue with  same size of samples and quality of product.


Some good points about the Bliscoverred service

  • Quality sample
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • No Sachet
  • Timely Delivery
  • Cash On Delivery Facility


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  1. OMG OMG OMG Ana :yippee: please pray for my blisscovered box to be filled with 2 mufe products lol :yippee: :pray: its sucha a preetttttyyyyyyyyy wala glosssss :rock-n-roll: i too want that :hammer:

  2. wow ! thas great..but i seriously don want perfume for myself..i have enough already. i will mail them and inform about it for my next purchase…lolz

  3. Wow!! nice… The gloss looks pretty, all who got their boxes are going to jealous of you.. Hope I get some good stuff too.. cant wait for feb to come 😀 😀 :lipstick: 😀

  4. cool Ana. enjoy ur box :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: m happy i dint get that gloss 😛 wud hv loved if it was a lippy 😉 i got natures co. ka sample in place of tht gloss :-))

  5. Hi Anamika – Really glad you enjoyed the box! We hope you discover some new things that you absolutely love. Just one correction the Rs. 1800 for the Clarins product is an exclusive discount for blisscovered members. Your voucher will provide an additional discount on top. So just 1500 🙂

  6. at least MUFE makes your 700 worthwhile 🙂 otherwise I didn’t really find only skin care products did any justice to the box. but, the packaging is too elegant.

  7. I am happy you guys also have a monthly sample subscription box. I burnt my fingers with this thing though, kind left me with an empty feeling after lol…so I stopped. haha


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