My 1st outing and Haul post Delivery: MAC, Colorbar, Youshine


So last weekend I went out for the 1st time leaving Pravi home with J and went with my cousin for a shopping trip. I did spend majority of the trip worrying about whether she was crying or hungry or xyz…But honestly speaking she was such a good girl..Stayed quiet and played nicely with her Dad which surprisingly she doesn’t even do with me! And i’m the one who takes care of her 90% of the time! I guess what they say is true….no matter how much the Mom does, girls will always be their Daddy’s baby… I’m Jealous!!!

Anyways, coming back to my outing, my cousin ensured I had a great time.. We shopped, hogged and shopped some more…I stepped into MAC for the 1st time since Feb..We’d gone to get her some things and as usual I couldn’t resist and hauled some stuff myself and thought to show you all the result of a shopping deprived girl left loose!

My MAC Haul

mac haul


I picked up 2 of the new ProLongwear Paintpots in Frozen Violet & Vintage Selection. I didn’t think I’d pick these shades in the beginning, but after trying them out, i was sold..machaul+ mac prolongwear paintpots

I also got Peachykeen blush which had been on my list for long ever since A reviewed it here.

I also picked up MAC Ravishing lippy and the brush cleanser which has been raved about.


machaul+ mac ravishing

Finally I picked up 2 brushes, MAC 163 & MAC 235


mac brushes

Colorbar Haul

Here’s what I picked up from Colorbar…I wanted to try this mascara since long and the new brushes..but most of the new  brushes felt pokey to me so picked up only this crease brush  and a flat brush from the professional line.


colorbar haul

YouShine Haul

These I ordered online last week and finally got them after 10days..Phew! Thought I’d share a few pics with you all..youshine haul+ earrings

Here are the freebies I received..youshine haul

I also picked up loadsa clothes for Pravi ..I simply couldn’t resist..There’s so much to shop for girls that I am in a constant state of  ‘to buy or not to buy’… but I guess that’s a common thing for all new mommies…I’ll be sharing the haul for her soon on the baby Blog.

Anyways…I’m now bankrupt and it’s only the beginning of the month…Moral of the story? A girl should go shopping regularly no matter what or else it results in going beserk one fine day 😉 all who agree with me, put up your hands!

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  1. yes i agree.. with u zee, last week its long weekend, and there is sale in every shop on behalf of independence day, i almost visited each and every shop, i spended a lot this time completley on clothes, i think i need to spend some money on clothes too along with cosmetics, after seeing bill, my husband simply said “honey from next time we together vl go for shopping, i missed u all the while”, but try is he dnt want to see that much bil again, so he wnt send me alone for shopping,

    but after seeing ur haul, i want to shop cosmetics also, loved those colorbar brushes, and mac lippie too

  2. Heyy I know that happiness of freedom :))
    Great stuff you got. Expect a few more hauls like this until the hormones settle 😉

  3. I would prefer to raid your home rather than MAC 😉 . Jyaada options milenge :P.
    And i thought you were not only wid your cousin, but also wid me while shopping 🙂


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