My Aldo & Accessorize Bag Haul!


Yesterday I was in Aldo and I thought it will be rude not to do a bit of shopping. So here is what I bought from Aldo and picked up few things from Accessorize as well.


I have been shopping mostly bold and bright colour bags lately and was looking for some simple tote bag which will match most of my formal outfits.This bag completely suited the bill.It’s spacious, plaid and will go easily with khaki, black, beige outfits.


aldo bags India


It’s divided into three seperate parts and I am planning to keep one part for my baby travel items, one for makeup and one for other essentials.

aldo bag inside



Luckily, I found a wallet of same colour. Although I wish that company would have given this free with the above one.


aldo wallet


This is how they both look together .I can take the wallet with the bag or independently.


bag with wallet


I swear I had no plans to buy another one but this clutch bag from Accessorize India stole my heart too.It looks like as if it has lace on it but its actually not .Although  I am planning to get few lace dresses and shoes for myself.Something similar to what Shweta got in her Singapore haul here 


Accessorize bags


Do let me know if you are fond of any brand which has awesome lace stuff on it .I also got few accessories as well which I will do next time.Wanted this to be an exclusive bag post.

Ciao 🙂


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  1. hello ladies!the bags are beautiful.Can you tell me about any website who offers aldo bags.Actually I am from kolkata and do not know if those bags are available at the stores.It will be my immense pleasure if you help me


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