My Alloy Metal Earings


I  recently have developed interest in wearing these alloy metal earrings  and have picked up a few from here and there.I am fond of large earrings ..No No! Not that large that it goes below my shoulder, but just little above my shoulder. I like alloy metal earrings because I don’t have to struggle much in pairing them with an outfit.


alloy metal earrings


These I got from an online website which I don’t remember as it’s been a little long and with the pace I buy my makeup and accessories, I forgot where I got it from but it was of around INR 450 I guess and the above was on discount and costed me INR 399. I like the drop in the earrings and that was the sole reason I bought them as I had a particular matching dress in my mind.


metal earrings fashion earrings


These looks heavy but actually are pretty comfortable and look chic.


fashion earrings alloy metal


This one looked better  when I wore my hair in a bun than in open hair.


metal alloy alloy metal earringshoops+fashion earrings



metal earrings



How about you ? Where do you buy your earrings from and what is your latest craze  in earrings?


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  1. I have got end no. of earrings ..A! i have been collecting accessories a lot lately for navratri.. n i always njoy wearing big big earings … and keeping the neck empty.. I think they look classy that way…and ur right ..they r not dat heavy as they seem…they just complete the outfit… i love ur collection… i m jus starting to imagine.. how wud u luk..with a red/green/dark blue bindi and a nice big matchin earing and tie a bun in ur hair… with thick application of kohl and mascara…n a bright red color lippy…of coz with a saree or heavy punjabi shuit…

    i think the result will be fulltooo bengali bomshell… :blush: :lipstick: :inlove: :yes: 😉

  2. gorgeous earrings….even i am very much fond of drop earrings specially kundan n polki….urs sre beautiful and look good on u!!!!! :laugh: :laugh:

  3. Ana u looking gorgeous and the first one is kinda all dress matching types! When I was in India I used to wear all kinda earrings. even wore long earrings as they made my round face look slimmer 🙂 but here it will look too much so am sticking to diamond and pearl studs only.. will be looking forward to more earring posts 🙂

      • cant stop giggling yaaar….am always surrounded by a bunch of handsome young men…sadly they all are my students….well kal Enrique ka show hai….use dekhne ke baad zindaa rahi toh will be back on WiseShe

        • lucky you and u made me jealous ..grrr..i so wanted to attend his show but my daughter will turn out to be another enrique..enjoy the handsome 😉 lolz


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