My Recent Products Love & Disappointments


When you are a beauty blogger you tend to use new products quite frequently.Some products tends to stay in your mind and some you completely  forget .With this there are few which I really want that they should work because of the price tag but they don’t :(. When it comes to skin care I try to finish the whole product and then buy something else .

I am listing here few of the products which I found worth mentioning again .I have reviewed most of them here on Wise She leaving beside one or two which are already in the queue.So here we go


Let me first start with

Dr.Reddy’s Strea A -15 Retinol –

I was pretty excited about Retinol creams as these are quite famous and have proved to be effective in unclogging pores, reducing  fine lines and even out discoloration. However, I tried hard but it kept breaking me out now and then. So at last I  have decided to move on and try out some different retinol products.You can read my first experience here   .Also if you want know to what other Retinol products one can try then read my post here .


Clarins Cleansing Milk –

This cleansing milk is like giving mini spa everyday to my face. If I don’t use it for 2-3 days I start missing it. I have reviewed it here in detail. This product should definitely not be missed out.


Schwarzkopf  Moisture Kick Spray –

I keep going back to this Moisture kick spray from Schwarkopf all the time.This product is great for dry hair or those who frequently use heat on their hair.Presence of light weight silicon oil in the condition nourished the hair and it doesn’t make my hair feel heavy.Although I do find that effect of the product starts reducing after prolong use therefore I give it a break in between and get back to it again.Cheapest it is available is at Purplle here


Keratinology Heat Protector Spray

I love this heat protectant but sadly its not available right now on any of the online shopping sites of India.I do see it on Amazon  here  so if you are abroad and Amazon delivers to your place then don’t miss this opportunity. After spraying the heat protectant my hair do not feel dry as the moisture in the hair stays intact which in turn protects the hair from getting damaged. I haven’t come across anything better than this here. If you know any then do drop the product name in the comment section.I would love to try it out as this one is going to get over soon 🙁


Beauty product reviews wiseshe


Vichy BI-White Reveal Double-Corrective Whitening Essence (30 ml) – I have been using this cream since 15-20 days as this product claims a lot and costs INR 2100 so I thought it must be really effective :D. Although I am yet to see any visible difference. Product claims to correct brown spots and darkened complexion. Rejuvenate “Asian Skin ” “:D.So I am giving it more time to get the best of the product out.


Coming to makeup

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick in MAT 4 –

I am in my orange phase and just got hold of MAC Dangerous lipstick. This one too is something which I have enjoyed recently. I think its a great affordable lipstick for those who love bright orange lips. I think the shade is getting on  me and I am going to use it more in the coming days as well along with MAC Dangerous of course. Read my review here .It can be purchased here


Maybelline ColorSensational Color Whisper Lipcolor Berry Ready  –

This berry shade of yet to be launched Maybelline colorsensational color whisper is a beautiful shade for the upcoming fall. I guess I am being little biased to Maybelline here but if  brand give us something good we definitely don’t mind .It can be bought from Amazon .

Almay Smart Powder Blush Coral –

This is my favourite blush which gives me those natural peachy coral cheeks. Something which I like to use on daily basis or for no-makeup makeup look. I got it for $11.49 from Amazon U.S   but now its on discount and cost just $6 .


 So here is my recent list of love and disappointments. Do let me know yours 🙂





  1. I live the moisture kick hairspray so much! One of the very few products from the brand that has actually worked for my dry hair. I totally agree about the clarins cleansing milk, this product indeed is amazing 🙂

  2. I am sure about Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray – they r good. Doh I dont like der shampoo or conditioner that much..

    I want CLarins Cleanser now 😀 so keen to buy it after your review :))

  3. Loved reading this post. I am currently loving my nude tude palette from The Balm, my heather silk blush from Wet n Wild, The Body Shop Peach Body butter and Living proof shampoo and conditioner!

  4. I am allergic to retinol.. I caused a severe breakout on my face and i still repent its use :-(, now i never ever dare to use any retinol containing product.. And clarins cleansing milk i would like to try soon. The review tempted me a lot..

  5. Good summary Ana. I was badly looking for a hair protectant from ages. I should ask my friend to get the Keratinology spray from the US. your Clarins review of “mini spa” is tempting me too. Thanks for the Info.. highly useful

  6. This is so tempting Anamika..I’ll try to get clarins cleansing milk after this review…!! me too wanna feel the mini spa…!
    really helpful post!!

  7. I am planning to buy Clarins Cleansing milk just to feel the “mini spa” effect. you are tempting me Anamika 🙂

    You can try retinols with the lowest % may be twice a week. It takes time to adjust to skin. My doc had prescribed me isotretinoin gels for pimples. Trust me initially there was peeling then gradually it cleared my skin and made it glow. Anything for glow 🙂 Downside it makes skin photosensitive, so a sunscreen is a must.

  8. Anu, i have used the Vishy Bio White Med cream..its really a good cream to use for uneven skin tone. If it worked for me, it will work for anone 😀


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