My Birthday On Instagram


Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for making my day so special yesterday and yes ! participating in the MAC giveaway with so much of enthusiasm.K , my family and friends made sure that I have a super fantastic birthday.I am sharing few pics of the day which I shared on my instagram or facebook page.If you are not there then you are definitely missing out some fun .

Below pictures are taken from my cellphone camera and they won’t be that clear so pardon me for that.

Daddy dear thought that once Anvika is asleep she won’t get up and he will be able to surprise me but the moment the clock struck 12 she got up and seeing everyone around got into her mode.As she is too small I wasn’t expecting kisses from her but I took some 100s of hers after all it was my first birthday with my baby.

mommie hood indian parents

I don’t like chocolate much and therefore K got my fruit cake.Before the cake arrived, I asked him to verify if the cake is not the chocolate one.He was like’s not as that is more expensive  :reallypissed:

But the cake was too yummmy! and I couldn’t resist it and there my diet plan went for a toss 🙁 ..

fruit cakes

Flowers , flowers and flowers..I love roses and I forced K to get it for me 😛

birthday flowers

Anvika wore this dress on my birthday .I wish I could show you the whole picture but its just too difficult to take her pics now.She doesn’t even stay out for even a minute.This dress was gifted by K’s friend Anushree. :)How can I miss mentioning her name as she reads the blog everyday .:)

Anvika malik baby blog

Thas my OOTD for the dinner .I wore Sleek OMG with the black dress which of course you can’t see here.

Anamika sureka blog

And this is how my day ended up.While coming back, I was updating my facebook page which I am kind of addicted now and i didn’t  notice the gap and fell down :P.


Sounds like a statutory warning 😛

instagram wise she

and for my birthday gift… Well ! that needs another post 🙂

Happy friday everyone 🙂

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  1. awww…i was soooo waiting for this post! :-hug-makeup: Where do i even start??? Anvi is ADORABLE!! Ur cake is simply one of a kind! The roses are lovely….i particularly loved those orchids (altho i know they’re tinted :-P) U r such a hawt mommy. Too bad bout u fallin though 🙁 Warning noted :giggle: Take care girl 🙂

    • Those orchids r real Naf and i love orchids too..

      and that fall was bad i guess i will have to visit the doc in eve

      • Hehe I know they’re real. It’s just that FernsNpetals adds the blue tint to them. They’re not naturally that color. They do it on request 🙂

        Uh oh…is the cut on ur knee deep?

  2. Nice pics ana!! Point noted as well! I have a habit of whatsapping and messaging without looking left n right as well!

  3. Aww!! Ana got hurt on ur bday n the bandages 😯 😯
    Anvika’s dress is looking too cute :kissblow: and u r looking hotttt in that black dress :beauty:
    Waiting for ur gifts wala post :waiting:

  4. awww u both r adorable..pls send me tht cake :drool: n u fell on bday 😯 tk care… :hug-makeup: but tht was happened to me so many tyms n i dont knw y specially around joe n den i have to hear his lecture :idk: 😀

  5. you look gr8888! even sweet little heart anvika, looks damn cute! belated happy birthday dear! the cake :cake: looks sooooo yummy!

  6. Looking very pretty Ana..and lil Anvika is growing big day by day….msged u yes in fb inbox ,sorry cudnt wish u here yesterday..Hope u had loads of fun…:)

  7. Bahana!! Th beets pic is d one wid anvi….Infact it Luks like it’s her bday not urs!! Hehe! I so want that cake!

  8. Happy Bday A……:)
    Missed to you wish you here….darn the office….
    we want the gift post and a colored pic too 🙂 Hope you have an amazing year ahead.
    Loads of love to Anvika :*

  9. Anu..

    Wish you a very happy birthday (belated hi sahi) 🙂 lotsa love and success to you. The baby is adorable.. you should post more of her pics.. and take care of your knee.. 🙁


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