My BuyInCoins Haul Second


By Pavani Reddy,

Hey friends…along with makeup, I also ordered these from buyincoins…I always had great love for nailart and have been doing it for the past 1.5 yr so things I bought below were necessary…
#.24 pcs makeup brushes: 10.75 $
After reading the post here I ordered them without any second thought

BuyInCoins Makeup Brushes
BuyInCoins Makeup Brushes

#.mineral powder blusher brush: 2 $
I forgot to take the pic.
#.5*2 nail art tool dotting pen: 2.13 $
I have special interest towards nail art so felt this mandatory for me

NailArt Tool Dotting Pen
BuyInCoins NailArt Tool Dotting Pen

#.Nailart glitter tips rhinestones : 1.93 $
I m in love with them

NailArt Glitter Tips Rhinestones
BuyInCoins NailArt Glitter Tips Rhinestones

#.15 nailart design painting brush set : 3.35 $
Super excited have to try some nailarts now
NailArt Design Painting Brushset

#. soft toe finger separators : 2.15 $

Soft Toe Finger Separators
#.creamy concealer stick : 1.63 $
Don’t know why I chose it…I think the price!!!
Creamy Concealer Stick
and ya I got this bag as a free gift for my 20$ plus purchase on the buyincoins site..its a light weight very thin bag…
Once again thanks Wise She … Hope u all like my haul 🙂

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  1. thats pretty much everything you need for nail arts isnt it ??? now we will wait for your post honey :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* would love to see what all you did with these wonderful sets :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    • Hi,Megha toe separators are used (in PEDICURES)to avoid smudges on your nails/toes during the application of polish. By using these you will have the ease/comfort (since the toes won’t touch each other) and you can get a neat finish.
      There are other uses of it, originally they are invented to reduce friction and irritation between the toes, especially for people with crooked or overlapping toes.

  2. @heena-thank u heena for liking the i dont think it hides all the blemishes..was tempted to buy bcoz of its price i guess… :beauty: :blush:

  3. i must say u r very passionate about nail arts pavani :yes: :yes:
    we have seen your nail arts ans they are soooo amazing, professional types. Hope u do great nail arts ahead.. 😀 😀
    by the way, will the cream concealers shade suit you coz usually they are very light in color which should be purchased after testing the shade 😕 😕 plz don’t mind, i just…dimag mei aaya to bol diya 😛

  4. Hi Kejal,

    they do shop but i suggest don buy from there as it takes life time to deliver the product..and quality is not that good 🙁


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