My Cherry Culture Experience & Haul


By Amritha,


Hi makeup lovers…this is my first post that anamika aka annu has so kindly allowed on her blog…:) .So I hope all of you like it ..pls let me know what you think..the good,the bad,the pretty ,the ugly…no problem. Here goes…

Am a shopaholic and a makeup horder since I was a kid ..hahaha..I picked up some stuff from Cherry Culture last month and would like to show you the same.

    Nyx soft matt lip creams priced at 6 $ in these shades…Sao Paulo,Milan,Amsterdam,Monte Carlo,Stockholm

Nyx soft matt lip creams  Review

Am gonna review these separately…:P

    La Colors ( cruelty free brand) Lipliners priced at 1.99 $ in these shades….Mauve, Burgundy, Currant, Rose Brown, Nude, Iced Coral, Perfect Brown 

La Colors Lipliners

La Colors Lipliners NYX La Colors Lipliners

La Colors Liquid Eye Liner priced at 2.25 $ in Black and Navy Blue

La Colors Liquid Eye Liner priced in Black and Navy Blue

  • La Colors Baked Eyeshadows priced at 3 $ in Equinox,Blackhole and Galaxy

NYX baked eyeshadow



la color eyeshadow  EQUINOX swatches


La Colors Baked Eyeshadows galaxy



  • Nyx High Definition Eye Shadow Base for 7$

  • NYx Concealer Jar in Orange for 5$

Jordana Loose Eyeshadow in Brownie and Blacktux for 1.99$

Nyx High Definition Eye Shadow Base,NYx Concealer Jar in Orange,Jordana Loose Eyeshadow in Brownie and Blacktux


I am yet to use any of this stuff and will do a review once I do use them.

I placed the order with Cherry Culture on Feb 13th,2011 which was processed on Feb 17th ,2011 and received on Feb 27th ,2011.This came in pretty quick and in perfect condition. All the products were packed in bubble wrap in a cardboard carton stuffed with crumpled paper to cushion the products. I was concerned about the eyeshadow trios as my previous purchases from other sites had not fared so well.

My bill came to 73.41$ for the 21 items and 14.55$ for the shipping. My way of calculation for this stuff is like this I have payed roughly 3600/- for the products and 700/- for the shipping.

If I would have had to purchase all the above in India itself I think I would have spent a much bigger sum. The main problem with online shopping is that we cannot check out the product for its color, texture and suitability. All the same I would keep shopping online for the sheer number of options in terms of brands, ongoing sales , no snobbish SA’s J ,etc


  • Quick processing and shipping
  • Good packaging
  • Good communication with the customer


  • Shipping 🙁
  • No returns possible

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  1. Awesome Haul!!! :party: :party: :party: :party:

    Review ALL of them ASAP..and i guess the baked shadows are uploaded twice..anu correct them na…

  2. I also have ordered about 4 of those Celestal baked shadows…waiting waiting waiting now…for my package to arrive…

  3. And AMrita those creamy lippies look so good in those tubes…you should review them first on a personal request.. :fingersxd: :fingersxd:

  4. OMG, OMG. I can’t help but stare at your haul. good to know of your experience Anu. I have been contemplating some Milani eye shadows from them. Its wonderful you know. The Milani eye shadows are soo good. I was actually looking for blogs on cherryculture. Btw, how do they calculate their shipping charge? Any idea? I have never done online shopping or money transaction either. how is the google thing, the option that is there?

    • hi nivedita…glad you liked my haul.They start the shipping somewhere at 9 $ and as your shopping grows so does the shipping charges .I dont know how they charge that exactly though… :-(( .wish I cud help u out with that.I was planning to pick some milani stuff too their nailpolishes actually…lol 😀

  5. Awesome haul Amritha :hypnotized: And I agree all those would have cost you a bomb here! If we have stores here in our city, we could probably swatch there and order online 😀 I so want to try their round lipsticks and glosses!

    And btw, there is another Maha? Today Candy found there is another Dipti and now I find another Maha 😀

    • thankooo mahaaaaaaaaa,i too think so hehehehe…if u live in hyd then I saw a nyx counter so u might check it out there in kathiawar store….:)

        • Hey Chennai has many stores too infact I find the SA’s in Chennai stores more helpful than in other cities .Ampa Skywalk ,Express Avenue , etc..

            • lol…nope but well heheh travel their a lot and well cant help it ,chennai is the major city which I visit often and shop in without any qualms or looking over my shoulder ..know what I mean… :heh:

          • Yes Chennai does have good stores now but still most of the brands either ignore the city or tend to come here last among the metros. And abt the SA’s I have no idea abt the higher brands like MAC but I find most of them in stores like H&G to have very limited knowledge on helping out with shades. But yes they are friendly :))

            And Anamika, majority of them here are from Chennai or visited Chennai I guess 😀 Chal its your time now to visit 🙂 🙂

  6. Amritha, u did jaw dropping shopping girl… 😎 😎
    i too wish to shop like crazy like you, but them i control myself coz after that huge shopping i have to sit without shopping for next few months which i just can’t tolerate 😛 😛 😛

  7. I did the crazy shopping cos I was sitting without shopping for a few months…. 😀 and ofcourse the burgeoning indian make up prices put me off from shopping here 😕 If I had an awesome make up store at close quarters then probably I would also prefer that who knows…my city offers very lil on the makeup front :-(( so I makeup for it online :rotfl:

  8. m still laughing reading that you’ll catch n throw it back on me…. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    are u sure u would be able todo that

  9. Hi! 🙂 I am new to your site and enjoying the info provided. I wanted to ask if you have swatched these products some where? If yes please provide a link. Thanks!


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