My Coral Jewellery Collection


Corals are made fancy in recent times. The engraving of a flower or a deity or any other fancy design makes the coral very attractive. For engraving usually half cut corals are used and framed into metal for use in jewelry. Larger the size of the coral, fancier designs can be engraved.

Rose designs on the coral is very popular among the ladies of today’s generations. A readymade jewelry of rose coral is available in almost all jewellery show room. Or, single rose corals can be bought of varied sizes and customized to personal choice of jewelry design.

Rose corals are available in variety of size and colors. Very attractive shades of white, baby pink, dark pink, red can be found. These corals when combined with pearls, leaf shaped green jade, white American diamonds, give a very wonderful piece of jewelry.

Here is a link which I always follow and enjoy looking at all the designs of jewelry.

Lovely  piece of corals.

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My personal collection of rose coral jewelry:

Well, the collection is very limited. These pieces are all framed in 22K gold. Just show casing the jewelry design.

(A red coral rose combined with green jade and white pearls)

Rose Corals+coral neck piece

(A pink coral rose pendant)

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Rose Corals+coral necklace

(A pink coral rose bracelet, again combined with pearls and green jades)

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Rose Corals+coral bracelet

(A pair of ear stud, pink coral rose with jade and American diamond stones)

Rose Corals+coral ear studs

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I wear corals whenever I feel like wearing them. I do not bother if the color or style matches my outfit. Corals bring a very unique look and glow to the wearer.

So girls did you like my collection? 🙂


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  1. ive also seen these rose coral in stores n always wondered how they incorporate the rose into a design….now i kno! i luv the pink coral so much…its just so feminine!

  2. Very pretty collection Chandni 🙂 My mom loves coral n she has pink coral rose pendants too. I used to borrow from her collection

  3. dainty pieces…. those pink corals set of urs has old charm to it but still never out of fashion…. 🙂

    i got a red coral earrings set in gold.. gonna pick this pink coral soon…. 😀

  4. I have never worn corals till now since i have not got :yes: :yes: :-)) attracted towards corals..but ur collections are good..


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