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Pepperfry really is creating some major waves in the online shopping world. With their existing discounts, plus the discount coupons they share on registering, online shopping has just become one big party!


During my makeup shopping ban last month, I realised I’d forgotten about the other shopping these sites had to offer namely, home shopping, home decor, etc. So now that my ban is over, I know exactly what I want…And Girls, let me tell you if you want to do your ‘Ghar ka shopping’, there’s no other place  better than Pepperfry if you want the best deals coupled with great variety..


First, I was really enamoured with their bed linens. They have everything! From the basic cotton sheets for 700bucks to the super luxurious designs for above INR1000..So you have so much to choose from..

Read My Online shopping experience with


pepperfry+ bed linen

I loved the bathroom accesories too. Iknow it ain’t something we mention so candidly but really, these accessories are amazing and are perfect for someone like me for whom the bathroom is a ‘ME’ space..

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bath accessories+ pepperfry

There are other home goodies too…knicknacks you can decorate your place with, etc..

Also check out My experience with 

pepperfry+ Home decor

Finally, here’s a little somethin I saw for my Husband and knew he’d like this for his iPhone. What do you think??

Musubo I Phone 4-4S Case Rubberband Black+ pepperfry

Have you shopped at Pepperfry yet??? What has your experience been like?

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  1. Zee, you went on a shopping ban? I need to self impose one on myself very very soon!!
    I’ve seen these products on pepperfy and their furniture section is pretty good as well 🙂 Nice compilation 🙂

  2. Yea sandy..I went on a ban n it was actually really gud when I buy also I buy stuff I really want and shades I don’t hav..yea, I still indulge but not as blindly as I used to b4… 🙂 🙂 it was sooo theraputic! N now o cn concentrate on these goodies! 😉

  3. Sal, I agree..I repent gettin him d iphone..the accessories themselves r so pricey…after buyin so many, the cost will surpass that of d phone itself!

      • yea man! Mom is gettin me an ipad n i refused coz its silly to pay so much for accessories. Thinkin of gettin the samsung one instead. can u belive they cost the same?!

        • apple has a set status symbol more than anythin.. n their stuff s gud.. but u need to no how to use it in n out.. coz u hav to pay to download apps for opening pdf’s n other types o files which s pissin off!! but again.. looks gud!!! but i don lik iphones… they look lik anyother phone if u hide the apple 😛

          • its got good touch .. dats all i can say .. you need to pay for everything .. apps, accessories, downloads.. and then they ask for ur location whenever you DL anything .. its so irritating ..

  4. For bathroom accessories i like lifestyle since they have sets with co-ordinated soap dispensers + toothbrush holders + soap dish + cup + shower curtains + toilet brushes + dustbins. I find it lovely to get an entire matching set like that :-))

  5. Hmmm…with everyone going on a shopping ban me too getting inspired 😛 …Zara you getting 1300 ka case for hubby tats good maybe he will treat you by taking you to Mac 🙂


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