My Cute Pop-up Hair brush With Mirror


“Mirror, mirror on the wall….Who is the fairest of them all?” 😀

 Hehehe…We girls are so obsessed with our looks all the time, Ain’t we? We get ready, do our make up, get our hair done, wear our accessories. So who is our best friend all this while?? Any guesses??? Its should be simple actually.. Of course, THE MIRROR.. Without it, how will we come to know whether we should walk out of the House or No? 😛

I am such a mirror addict, I atleast go 10times in an hour  to see myself in the mirror of my house and my mom is like “why do u keep going to the mirror every now and don’t become anymore prettier looking at it everytime..Do u”? lol.. Yes, Mum.. I don’t’ ..I am already very beautiful 😛 😛

Cute Mirror+cute mirrors+cute mirror designs

Pop-up mirrors

Coming to the cute mirrors you are watching at the picture above, they are POP-UP mirrors from Paris presents company, I didn’t purchase them, My aunt got these cute little babies from US. They are so cute, that I was suppose to keep only 2 for myself but end up picking 5 of them just because I wanted all 5 colors 😛 Yes, call me ..greedy 😛 I Have it in fuchsia pink, purple, blue, dark green and also light green. But I wonder where are my green ones :/ ?? couldn’t find them. ..Must be lying somewhere in my messy room .. I am too lazy to search 😛

 Cute pop up hair brush reviews pink+hello kitty mirrors

These are very travel friendly and easy to carry in your smallest purse ever. The purpose of the pop-up brush is of course the comb and the cute mirror, perfect for your touch ups. The comb I guess will be good enough for ladies with small to medium hair. I have long hair but I still use it to de-tangle my lower hair

 hair brush reviews pop up pink hair brush+pink brush +pop up brushes India

How to use it-

Simply flip open the mirror and press your thumb against the bottom of the compact to pop out the brush. To retract the brush, gently press on the bristle tips with the center of your palm.

And here is the good news! 😀

Don’t lose heart that you guys can’t get this in India. Because, I have seen these mirrors in Vega’s, medplusbeauty, urbantouch,sephora’s and violetbag website. Vega’s pop-up brush cost Rs. 95 only and I think they sell it at the most cheapest and pocket friendly price 😀 Whereas, Sephora’s pop-up brushes are prettier and funky, but they are pricey.

Overall, its not a must-have! Its absolutely your choice if you want to purchase them, but having atleast one of them wont be a hole to our pocket..isnt it?? They are too cute to resist after all!

I surprise my colleagues by using different pop-up brush on every single day. This one has gained so much of fame that now it is known as “THE MAGIC MIRROR” in my office. 😛

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  1. awwwwwww soooooooo cuteeeeeee. :cute: .ric dis is not fair vega has just one want d fuchsia pink wala 🙁

  2. cute mirrors eri :yippee: :yippee: i remember keeping one such mirror in my school dress pocket / bag :cute: purani yadeein taza ho gyi :yippee: :yippee: Hello allllllllllllllllllllll !!!! :rock-n-roll: friday friday :hug-makeup: :rainbow:

    • Gurly toh I am..Vini!

      Though I have started working..I still cant get out of my college days… luckily i dont have to wear formals to office and I wear anything I want.. my clients cant believe that i am an employee becoz of my young looks..n to top that..I have tatttooos and red lowlights and bright make up.. and funky n chic! :rotfl: :chic: :dance-left-right:

    • Haina…Zee? my friends keep telling me u have 5 na.. give one -one to all of US… M like “ahhhhh,,,ok..but i mom will not allow” 😛 :rotfl:

  3. awesome.. ric u seem like a fun gal to knw and be with.. lucky are ur clients and colleagues and to top it all ur bf 🙂 he he he..

    By the way I do second the thought that everythng u review is really classy and fun..

    Its like u got a sweet story/ intro for each of the products that u review 🙂

    • Awww.. sahana! thats soooooooo cute and its a great compliment! :hug-makeup:
      I hope.. Ana is listening.. uhuuuu…A??? :giggle: ?:-)
      I actually/really tell my daily stories behind all my blog topics thats the way to go.. classy n fun..heck! yes..I m a LEO gal after all.. :-)) :highfive:

  4. I had this like 6 years ago…Avon used to sell them back then in Reddish-Pink shade…i used to scare my niece with the ‘keeda’ … :evilgrin:

  5. i love these babies! Bought a similar 1 from health n glow looong time agon n it was a staple in my bag for years until it broke 🙁 U have them in nice funky colors Erica…wsh we cud c the green ones too :-))

    • I was searching too hard 4 the green one’s ..Nafi! But i dont know where in the world they are.. I have like 4-5 bags and I keep changing them according to my dressing each day and similarly i have to shuffle all the things in my bag from one to anodher.. so really dont know where they are?? but m very sure they are lying somewhere in my messy room! Only wen i clean up i l find em! 😛 😉

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