My Dove, Body Shop & Lakme Haul


Haul Ahoy !!!

Haul total haul+make up

Hellooooo wiseshessssss!!! Wasssuuup?! :highfive: Sorry…am literally screaming with excitement since I hauled…yeah baby yeah :dance-left-right: I know this is really dumb compared to Zee n Ana’s mammoth hauls…but it’s my 1sssst haul post :lashes:. I spent 2 weeks at my mom’s place where one week was spent in bed (I was ill :doctor: :pill: ) and the other shoppinnnnng!! Before you think I’m some maniac, let me tell you I’m a very careful shopper: nerd:. I think twice…no, several times before I buy anything and always go armed with a list that’s been revised and re-revised and re-re-revised (if there’s ever such a word! :-P). I stick to my list as religiously as I can and once in a while I indulge in an impulse buy. I live in a place where even Lakme isn’t available! :pain: So I rely on my trip to Chennai to buy all that I want. Enough said…time to feast your eyes!! :chic:

Haul Dove+conditioner+dove soaps +dove shampoo and dove conditioner

I love Dove! Heyy…that rhymes! Never mind. It really does make a difference whatever your skin/hair type. I got this kit which has a shampoo, soap bar and face wash in a silver zipper pouch. Okay, this is between you and me :secret:….I actually got this just for the pouch Sssshhh. What?? It’s very handy OK….plus I travel a lot and I really need it :smug: I bought another bottle of shampoo (I live in like 3 houses and the more bottles the better) and I got a conditioner free. Isn’t the mini tube cute? Perfect for travelling! Also bought Dove Go Fresh Energise cream bar soap.

Haul TBS+body shop in

I’d gone to The Body Shop to buy 2 tubs of their Love Etc. cream perfume that comes in a heart-shaped tin. I ended up buying none! They had testers (thank God for that!!) and the fragrance was like umm…cardboard!! Yep…it was so blah that they really shouldn’t call it a perfume. So instead, I bought the4-step smoky eyes palette, rainforest moisture shampoo (travel size) and a foundation brush. The brush is not there in the picturess since I left it at my mom’s place.

Haul Lakme+make up for face+lakme absolute collection

I’ve been meaning to try Lakme Absolute Wet and Dry Compact ever since it was released and I finally bought it :yippee:. The Lip Last lipstick that comes in a pen form was also on my list. But the SA was struggling to get the product out of the pen and was furiously clicking away in vain. That’s when I remembered that I’d read on a few blogs that the pen mechanism is faulty and fails to dispense product most of the time. When she finally managed to get some product out, she swatched it on my hand. I found the swatch looking very dehydrated and dull. So I skipped. Next on my list was a blush (Yes Zee, your million blush posts were my inspiration:-D). I discovered a counter of a brand called Anna Andre and the SA told me that it was venture by Yardley of London. Sounded good, and it was a chance for me to try a new brand, so I bought one blush to test it out.

Haul Chambor+make up+chambor hydra lipstick

I’ve been on the look-out for a nice muted Coral lipstick that my skintone can carry off and my search ended with Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Sunset. I can’t wait to review it for you guys! :fingersxd: I got these super tiny bottles of liquid cleansing foam free with my purchase.

Haul paste n plax+colgate+hip hop strawberry face scrub+colgate plax

Anything with images of strawberries is too hard for me to resist and I picked up Hip Hop Strawberry face Scrub. I initially didn’t want to add the mouthwash in this post but it’s so amazingly refreshing that I had to share it with you guys. Have u tried Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Mouthwash?

Haul nail art+nail art+lakme fast and fabulous

Remember my watermelon nail art tutorial? :watermelon: Remember how I promised to buy nail art tools before my next tutorial? I keep my promises and here’s proof of that :cute: I got a set of nail art brushes and 2 nail art pens: 1 black and 1 white. Since I couldn’t find any nail art stuff at my place, I asked my sister to pick these up for me and she got them from the much-raved-about Beauty Center in Khar, Mumbai. Can’t wait to visit that place! :fingersxd: I also bought Lakme Fast&Fabulous nailcolor in Red for a nail art that’s coming up.

Haul hair clips+hair

These are just some basic black hair accessories I picked up from Health&Glow.

Haul combs n loofah+a loofah+black hair accesories

I saw this cute rose-shaped loofah at a store and it was sooo hard to pick just one since they had it in such a lovely range of colours. I was torn between red and pink and I finally bought pink. Also got 2 cute combs, one for my handbag and the other for my sis-in-law :cute:The bottom-portion of the loofah has lovely green felt. The two combs open up to reveal a handy mirror.

Haul combs and felt+a loofah+health and glow loofah

Sooooo….what did u guys think?? Was this a lame haul totally not worth posting? Was it at least fun to just gaze at the pictures? I mean, who doesn’t like pictures, right? Do let me know your honest comments and do also mention the products that you’d like to see a review on 🙂

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  1. Nice haul Nafi 😀 Where do you stay that u dont get Lakme also? 😛
    You are not alone lady, I take pleasure in shopping for little things as well 🙂
    Pink loooofaaahh!! Aiyo Amma 😛

  2. at least this way she save some money :D:D

    Nafisa please review Lame wet ad dry compact..want to know how good it is 🙂

  3. Wow its a nice haul and it was fun seeing the pictures :). And the loofah is so pretty! you are a smart buyer, I must say!

  4. NAFIII…. U love Dove sooooooooooo much 🙂 🙂
    i loved ur haul… :rock-n-roll: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :inlove:
    nd those cute comb are fab… :inlove:
    Nafi plz review DOve Face wash & dove soap asap (focus on dry skin 😉 )
    i think i should give one more chance to dove soap wht say???? :hug-makeup: 🙂 :-))

    • Thanks Tanmayee. They r nail art brushes 🙂 I bought a foundation brush from body shop but dint take pics 🙁

  5. Wowoww!right away naf, m orderingu..yess, ordering.. U to PLEAAASE review. Blush…pretty please!!! Or else I’ll b haunted n ie of thought overload!

  6. i too am a big fan of dove conditioner… the shampoo too is one of my favorites… 😀

    do a review on tat dove bar.. i hv never seen tat available on stands any time…

    plax in fresh tea… refreshing!!! gonna chk this out n pick once my current one is over! 🙂

    cute loofah n combs too Nafisa.. 😀

    • Thankssss Revathy :-)) Glad u like them. Ive never seen fresh tea plax b4 n am so glad i discovered it. Do check it out 🙂

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwww a haul !! 😀 😀 😀 nafi everything is sooo very well bought :yippee: even i make up my proper list after lot of research and my requirement :highfive: and after revisions i buy them :dance-left-right:

  8. :drool: :drool: :drool: the pink loofah is so pretty but i wan the felt to be in blue since i always go crazy for blue with pink combo.. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: n these chambor people always give these tiny bottles as complement though i love them..n review for the compact plsn.. :-)) :-))

  9. louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ur haul!! 😀 😀

    n plz do review dat smokey kit phast… me excited!! :soldier:

  10. hiii nafisa… nice haul… actually cute.. pls pls review those nail art pens and brushes soon… :silly: :silly:


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