My Envy Box February Valentine Edition Review – Once In A Valentine My Envy Box Of Love



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My Envy Box February Valentine Edition Review – Once In A Valentine My Envy Box Of Love

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I am very very excited today……. Well not that in a lottery I won the new BMW I8 neither did I got a bucket full of all the new makeup brushes, but what got me filled with excitement and extremely happy was the “Once In A Valentine My Envy Box Of Love”.

Did I just get you all in a wondering state, about what exactly am I talking about?

Actually the thing is, I recently got my Envy Box for the month of February, it was a special Valentine Edition box. The box is total treat to look at and I am very curious to use them all. But I just could not resist from showing the box, so here you go.


My Envy Box February Valentine Edition


The Box

For this month, the Envy Box did not come in the regular red color box but it came as a black colored box which has some love symbols printed like kisses and hearts. The black for a change was very pleasing, I liked it a lot, so much so that I am going to preserve this box and use it for holding my eye shadows.

The box has five products which includes of four sample sizes and one full sized product. But before I show you all the products, let me tell you all two great coupon deals which came along with this box.

The Coupons

The coupons deals that this box has are absolutely fabulous. The box had a discount coupon which gives a 15% discount on purchase of these products, but the real deal is yet to come it also has a offer which gives a “Free Make Over At Sephora for you and your best friend”, isn’t it exciting.

I also received a gift voucher of INR 500 for purchase of H2O products.


My Envy Box February Valentine Edition box of love


The Contents

The box consisted of 5 products, four in sample sizes and one in full size. The products namely were Skin Yoga Post Workout Neem Purifier, Vana Vidhi Himalayan Wild Rose bath Salts, Loccitane Immortelle Precious Youth Serum, Calvin Klein Reveal Parfum & LYN Nail Lacquer.

Skin Yoga Post Workout Neem Purifier


Envy Box February VALENTINE EDITION Skin Yoga sample


Price: INR 1550

Net Wt: 200 gm

Neem leaves are the best answer to all skin problems. The bitterness of neem will help you get rid of bacteria and various skin allergies. Regular use will help you free from unwanted body odor. This anti-inflammatory and medicinal body wash can be used regularly for post exercise shower.

I received this in a sample sachet of 22 gm. I am yet to use this scrub but I have a strong intuition that I will like it.

Vana Vidhi Himalayan Wild Rose bath Salts


Once In A Valentine My Envy Box Of Love samples


Price: INR 990

Net Wt: 150 gm

This is a pre – launch exclusive for Envy Box Subscribers and will soon be available.

This clearly has rose aroma to it which is very pleasing to sense, for a difference I do not like rose scented stuff other real roses and rose water, but this will be a huge delight for rose lovers.

Loccitane Immortelle Precious Youth Serum


Envy Box February VALENTINE EDITION Loccatine sample


Price: INR 4490

Net Wt: 30 ml

Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after being picked.
As a result of our scientific research, the new Precious Serum concentrates the patented anti-aging power of more than 1000 flowers in every jar.
Its lightly textured formula acts on the 3 main important stages of collagen: production, protection and repairing.

I am really fond of serums and having got a 7 ml sample of this serum was sheer bliss for me.

Calvin Klein Reveal Parfum


Envy Box February VALENTINE EDITION CalvinKlein sample


Price: INR 4500

Net Wt: 50 ml

This sample has sad story associated with it. I got this perfume broken and all my box had of this sample well tiny glass pieces and a really seductive fragrance. Honestly after sensing fragrance of this perfume my heart felt all the more sad since this was the best perfume I have ever come across.

LYN Nail Lacquer


Envy Box February VALENTINE EDITION Nail Polish sample


Price: INR 350

Net Wt: 12ml

I have never ever heard of this brand but since it was a part of envy box, I knew it will be something good. I received a full sized bottle of this nail paint in shade “SPICY SASSY SAUCY”. I am very happy with the shade, I have seen other shades that people received in their boxes and I believe that I have got the best shade. I will review this soon, but as of now you can see how this looks on my nails.

This was all about happy things for the envy box February but the sad thing is that I would not be able to use the coupons provided as neither there is Sephora in Jaipur nor is a H20 store.

I hope you liked the samples of this box. Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews.

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