My Envy Box June 2017 Unboxing


Hello, peeps!

We all love subscription boxes, don’t we? The very feeling that something is coming every month for us makes me feel so good that I keep looking at the door for the courier boy πŸ˜› Though I have a number of subscription boxes in my cart, still, My Envy Box is one of my favourites and do you know why? Because it is ‘MY’ Envy Box. πŸ˜€ June 2017 session of My Envy Box has a number of makeup products and I am loving each of them. Scroll them to know what are the products that I have received πŸ™‚

my envy box


Price: 850 INR for 1-month subscription

Packaging: My Envy Box June 2017 edition came in a blue metallic lock box that is of course reusable. The colour of the box is so pretty and is perfect for the upcoming monsoons. The contents are very well packaged in hay so that any product is not damaged during shipping.

What are the products: 

This month the box had 7 products in it πŸ™‚

Essence Nail Paint:

essence nail paint


Price: 199 INR

This golden glitter nail paint is perfectly suitable for this summer. Pretty and this will suit all complexions and this can be topped on any light colour nail paint for any occasion. The packaging is insanely cute πŸ™‚

Essence Eye Shadow:

essence eye shadow


Price: 199 INR

This is a beautiful nude colour eyeshadow which can go with any skin tone and outfit. This mono eyeshadow has a brownish tinge to it which can be a beautiful lid and crease colour.

Vetro Powder Footwear Protection:

my envy box


Price: 600 INR for 25 ml

This is one of the most interesting products in this month’s envy box. You just need to spray this all over your footwear to protect it from any stains or colour. This keeps your footwear new and fresh for long.

Votre After Sun Mist:

votre after sun mist


Price: 500 INR for 50 ml

Votre After Sun Mist is one of the products that is a must this summer after coming home from the hot sun. Spraying this all over the face and body will relieve your skin from irritation and redness.

Calvin Klein Perfume Sachet:

We all love Calvin Klein Perfumes and My envy Box has provides 1 small bottle of it too!

Forest Essentials Eladi Teenage Day Cream:


forest essentials eladi day cream

Price: 245 INR for 4 gms

This day cream from Forest Essentials is specially formulated for the teenage skin to provide protection from skin problems and also to protect skin from further damage.

Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream:

kumkumadi night cream



Price: 264 INR for 4 gms

This night cream from the luxury Ayurvedic brand Forest Essentials is one of the most sought after products. Enriched with Kumkumadi tail which is Saffron Oil, this helps to clear skin and brighten it too!

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked the box πŸ™‚


  1. Mujhy essence k dono products acche lagey , shoes k liye jo protection spray hai wo bhi interesting hai
    Forest essential ke products tub ya tube me rehta tab useful rehta na, sachet ka idea flop hai kyunki one time use to nahi hai na


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