My Envy Designer Jewelry Box April 2016 First Impression And Review


My Envy Designer Jewelry Box April

After makeup, the new concept is jewelry boxes which come as pre-ordered but surprise collection from various brands. It is a good concept, I feel, since it keeps you abreast with latest trends and you sometimes get your hands on the product you always wanted to have but refrained from buying it at its price. So lets checkout the My Envy Designer Jewelry Box April 2016.

my envy designer jewelry box first impression

Since we all know the stature of our society today, we are always unsafe to wear pure diamond or gold jewelry. These semi-precious jewels are definitely very safe to wear and they look close to your actual jewelry and look elegant at the same time. You cannot ignore the fact that society is moving out of the bejeweled look to a subtle light jewelry mode which is safe, looks absolutely pretty and is in sync with our present lifestyle. One cannot expect working women to be wearing that heavy gold jewelry while this jewelry totally suits the modern day women.

my envy designer jewelery box review

I ordered an Envy Designer Jewelry Box this time which is available at a subscription of Rs. 2540 for one month, Rs. 7,050 for 3 months, Rs. 13,800 for 6 months and Rs. 26400 for a full year. Since the time I have received it, I am raving with joy. It is a beautiful blue colored box this time and has quite a good range of jewelry. The box of May contains one neckpiece, one ring, and one ear ring. It is definitely much over the price of the box. As the website says, its total price is Rs. 7750 for this month, while the charge is Rs. 2540, so you can see the difference of this semi-precious jewelry that I ordered.

Inside My Envy Designer Jewelry Box April

my envy designer jewelry box price

Let me also assure you at the forefront only that you need not think or worry about the quality of the jewelry as it is in collaboration with NIMAI, which is a renowned jewelry brand and has all exquisite designs. The box is designed every month based on customer reviews, feedbacks and obviously their new collection for the month. The variety, style and unique design of jewelry definitely seem quite attractive. I am sure with more and more months, I would own many such beautiful jewelry pieces for myself.

my envy designer jewelry box unboxing

The packaging of the box also is worth special mention as it is very durable. You can easily utilize it in future for further needs. It also looks classy lying on your dressing table with your necessary routine jewels inside it. It is sturdy to keep even your precious jewelry intact for months and years.

The navy blue colored box this month is quite attractive and it also has a mirror inside which is of appropriate size to enable you to peep inside and look how you show up wearing the jewelry. You can also carry this box while traveling to take your necessary belongings with you easily.

my envy box jewellery

All the jewels are dazzling and pretty. Specially i really like the blue detailing neck piece it can go with ethnic as well as casual too. Golden earrings have pearl detailing in end which enhance its beauty even more and third thing i got is neck piece which you can wear on daily basis because it is very girly and light which will go with any plain tee.It will totally change the whole look.

my envy box instagram

Regarding my opinion about the box..Please do check the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.



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  1. Anamika this box looks amazing.I truly agree wearing original jewellery is not at all safe these days.I really like the concept of jewellery subscription boxes and this one looks so be so classy and the pieces are so chic and adorable.Loved thw earings and the neckpiece.Would love to try this jewellery subscription box.

  2. Yamini..on my youtube channel everybody praised bling box so I am now thinking of trying that too..Have you tried it ?

    • No I have not tried any jewellery subscription box till date but I would love to try them.I have seen review videos of the Bling Box and the pieces are quite nice.Now I have to decide whether it is going to be The Envy Jewellery Box or the Bling Box.


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