My Experience About KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment


My Experience About KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment

Hi girls,

How are you all doing? I am great. Basking in the glory of the summer here in the UK. It is getting humid here, since it is hot and rainy at the same time. My hair tends to get really frizzy and I was not happy about it, especially when you are in a hurry to go to work and your hair is unmanageable! Just not ready to look nice! And I usually dreaded washing my hair, because that day it will just look really frizzy.

before the treatment

I decided to get something light or with less chemicals.

Treatment: KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment

The treatment is like a Permanent Blow Dry

As this treatment leaves hair smoother for up to 16 weeks it is sometimes called the permanent blow dry. As the hair retains more of a salon finished appearance for longer.

KeraStraight KS Complex is a 100% Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free keratin smoothing treatment which has been independently certified by Intertek.

Cost: £150 for long hair plus £30 for KeraStraight Shampoo and Conditioner.

Time taken: 2 hours

How does the treatment work for me:

I have frizzy hair like any Indian girl, come monsoon or the forever British weather, I seem to have frizz always. I usually cannot open my hair or let them loose. Also I see many British girls with perfect smooth hair and I always wondered how. It looks like they are born with it.

Anyhow, I was always worried about getting buck load of chemicals on my hair especially the danger one known as Formaldehyde, the word itself is scary. And to end my worry, I learned about KeraStraight treatments on the regular salons website.

I booked a consultation and met my stylist before I could decide about my treatment, the stylist told me all about it honestly and said how it works in making hair more manageable.

My take on the treatment:

My hair has downsides like any other girl, I find it difficult to manage sometimes especially when I have to be at work early in the morning, washing and drying is a night mare, I have used so much products to make it calmer and overcome the hair fall, but nothing seems to work, except a nice blow dry at the salon, but that’s not possible every day.

This treatment works like a permanent blow dry, which lasts for about 3-4 months and you can wash your hair the same or next.

The treatment started off with washing off my hair twice with the cleansing shampoo, then it is divided into sections and a heat protecting spray is applied all over properly, covering each strand carefully. Roots are avoided in applying all the treatment product.

Then the KeraStraight complex is applied all over the hair sections, for my hair length I think three bottles were used. The treatment is then covered with a cap and left on for 45 minutes.

The hair is then rinsed with relatively warm water for just 30 seconds, and a moisture mask is then applied. No rinsing after that. The hair does not feel greasy or anything.

The hair is then blow dried and by using a KeraStraight straightening machine, the product is locked in by using it all over the hair. That’s it! You have smooooooth hair for months now.

just after the treatmentjust after the treatment

To follow up, I have to buy a KeraStraight Shampoo and Conditioner which is SLS free, I recommend using this shampoo alone to continue the effects and avoid running out the smoothing effect on the hair.

How my hair feels after the treatment:

I let the treatment on for more than 24 hours, although my hair did become greasy at the top, since I have an oily scalp, but after the wash, it was just fine.

keratin hair treatment

The hair is not exactly poker straight, but it is a lot smoother and dries up really quickly. Washing hair is not a nightmare any more. Over all, I am quite happy with the results.

The only downside being that since I have oily scalp, especially after a workout, my hair does become oily and I need a wash, thus I need to wash my hair every second day, but that was the case even before.

The hair fall has also reduced considerably, since my hair does not entangle any more. It is recommended that this treatment be take once or twice per year and then the hair will naturally become a lot smoother, I don’t know about that. I think it is too pricey for that.

KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment

What I like about KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment:

  • Makes hair lot smoother,
  • Manageable,
  • Does not make it look poker straight,
  • Gives you natural set, just like you had a nice blow dry,
  • Hair dries up quickly after a wash.

What I don’t like about KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment:

  • Expensive,
  • You need a SLS free shampoo and conditioner,
  • For oily scalp, it can be a problem, since hair lies lot flatter on the head,
  • Hair smells a bit funny. I don’t know why, especially after a wash!
  • The effect will wear out with continuous washing and new hair growth.

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried KeraStraight KS Complex Treatment?

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  1. You look gorgeous Vrinda!!!! My story is different, I have straight hair and I’m on a look out for a good hair curler! lol

    • Thanks darl… U can go a semi perm or a simple hair tong from Remington to help you do that 😉 I like curly hair too.

    • Vrinda..i loved your hair..

      My hair are wavy ad i go thorough phases..Sometime i like straight hair and sometime curly 🙂


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