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Hey everyone !

I am just back from my much awaited Langkawi trip. I had been craving to go for a vacation since long but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle my baby without help around. Now that she has developed a routine, I and my husband thought of visiting Langkawi  which is considered to be the heaven on earth and staying in Berjaya Resorts turned out to be one of the best experiences of our lives.

Langkawi is a small island which has a population of just 65,000. It’s a tax free island and famous for chocolates, liquor and cigarettes. You can find variety of duty free chocolates at real cheap prices here. One of my friends got a whole suitcase full of chocolates from there. My husband too had similar intentions but I didn’t let him fulfill as I know half of the chocolates will be eaten by me only. Still we ended up getting at least 2-3 years quota of chocolates from there (I know K would disagree here albeit).

We stayed in Berjaya Resort which was one of the main attraction .To give you an idea of how the place is, I took the below picture from their page.

berjaya langkawi review

They have a variety of rooms such as rain forest chalet, sea view chalet etc.We stayed in premier chalet on water. It was a spacious room with all the amenities, large bathrooms and balcony. From the balcony we could see the vast unending Andaman sea till horizon. To our good luck, it also rained for a while on the first day and the rainbow welcomed us. We spent lot of time there sitting in the balcony, playing with Anvika , having our lunch and reading books.

sea view chalet barjaya langkawi

Watching sun set was an experience in itself.There were small boats which will always stay there and will light up at night – giving the sea a spectacular look.

Barjaya langkawi sea view

Barjaya has six restaurants and we explored few of them. Our obvious favourite was Indian restaurant. I loved the food there and ended up trying everything in the menu.

indian food at langakawi

One of the evenings, K surprised me with a cake and room decoration. As 28th Feb was our anniversary and we were traveling that day he made up for it. A splendid bouquet, chocolate cake with red wine and lots of flowers around with a room on the water. What more I could have asked for !
flower and food in barjaya langkawi resort

Next day we had dinner on the beach for which special booking has to be made. It was really romantic. Having dinner in front of the sea that too on a private beach. Beach is very clean and has white sand. Water is more or less clear and I loved going for a walk with Anvika and K there.

dinner on the beach langkawi

There were fresh fruits also which were given to us when we checked in. One more thing which I would like to appreciate about Berjaya was the staff which was really friendly.After a whole night of air travel with an eight month old I was tired and my head was banging.We reached Barjaya at 10 am and there official check in time is 2 pm but they gave the room at 10 itself as we had made prior booking. This was quite a help .

Barjaya langkawi resorts rainforest

This is one of the cafe where thai food was served. Cool winds with live music and water all around made it perfect. This cafe was just next to our room and we enjoyed it on the last day .

baraja langkawi restaurant

In Langkawi no body bargains and food is available at affordable price. In Berjaya, meals is slightly expensive (but not much), that is because of the Indian currency rate which is deteriorating day by day :(. If your currency is dollars then you can have even more fun there.

I swam every day there and sat on the beach for long hours with my baby. It was just awesome. I am back with a nice tan and Anvika. I think she had more fun than both of us. Will write more about our experience and what other things which we did and of course about my duty free shopping. Right now I need to settle down a bit and Anvika is all cranky. I think she wants to go back to Langkawi and so does her mommie 😛



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  1. I so wish I cud visit too! Sounds so blissful….n I think ur right Anvi does Wana go back..she must have been d star there with everyone cooing over her na?

  2. yaa! infact people use to come to me and ask if they can play with her.Ofcourse i was too happy and ask them to keep her atleast for 15 minutes :D:D..bY THE WAY What happend to yur cell today…

  3. we will plan out wise she tour and will go there will be lot of fun ..with tax free drinks, sea food on the water..wah wah wah! we might think of not coming back only ..lolz

  4. Biyootiful place n lovely pics. Sounds like u had an awesome time. I’m dying to go on vacation! :-(( Was tellin hubby bout it even this morning. Word of advice: make all the trips u can now until anvi is a year old. After that, it won’t be as easy

  5. awesome pics..i wanna go thre too….u both look so cute..and the dinner in private beach..its so romantic..share some more pics of u dear

    • It will be lot fun but I will advise y too club with some other place as well .we couldnt do it because of the baby.

  6. hope you had soooooooo much fun… you both look sooo cute together…. :-* its great that you are taking her for travels from this age… she will adjust so much when she grows up…

  7. so beautiful place… and i love tht towel swan and the beach dinner is so so romantic.. you guyz had lots of fun… and it must so good and a new feeling having your baby with u on holidays… bless u .. cheers to lots of more romantic holidays :))

  8. This really looks like heaven on earth and that cafe omg looks soooo good, i feel like going thr now ! you look cute and ur baby cutest! :yes:

  9. Wow that is such a beach paradise and the beach dinner setting is soo romantic :inlove: Anvika is growing up to be such a cutie pie :-))

  10. Omg look at anvika…she is so cuddly…giv my puchi to het Ana..
    And plz do share what all preps did u do before going and how did u handle anvika all alone as we are also planning to go somewhere on our anniversary but I m just too scared about handling alaysha all alone in a strange land…btw we are also planing a beach destination so ur inputs will be highly appreciateed

  11. Langkawi is so awesome! So beautiful and fun. I was there for a very short time last year.
    Hope you did all kinds of shopping there! 😀
    It must have been so wonderful for your daughter! 🙂


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