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Recently I ordered an Aroma product kit of Harnn from is an online shopping site where you can shop for apparels, footwear, accessories, makeup and beauty products for a reasonable discounted rates. After creating an account I got a credit amount of 500 Rs/- for my purchase and I ordered this Aroma Kit which was around 1100 Rs.

To redeem your credit  you have to make a purchase of almost double the credit amount as only 50% of the credit amount will be considered on the price of the product. For eg , if I purchase a product of 500Rs then I can use only 250Rs/- of my credit amount and rest I have to pay. You can also place multiple orders to redeem your credit amount. They provide free shipping for all the purchases.

A Lemongrass and Lavender aromatic candle.

Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels
Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels

This is how it looked after opening the package. The outer carton was badly crushed during shipping. 🙁

Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels top
Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels top

Candle packaging from top

Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels full view
Lemongrass and lavendar aromatic candle by 99Labels full view

All the below mentioned products comes in two variants: Herbal and Floral
A Pair of Cream Soap.(Herbal & Floral)

Rice cream soap by 99 labels
Rice cream soap by 99 labels

A pair of Shampoos.(Herbal & Floral).

Natural Shampoo by 99 labels
Natural Shampoo by 99 labels

A pair of Body Moisturizer

Body moisturizer by 99 labels
Body moisturizer by 99 labels

A pair of Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner by 99 labels
Hair conditioner by 99 labels

I wish if I would have got a pair of Bath salts also. 😀 Each bottle is of 30ml with a shell life of 3 years. Haven’t started using them. Will review them soon.


  1. hey
    I wanted to order things from but i do not hav any paypal account . i mean i hav never done any ol shopping bt wanted to buy random nail art tools from them. So can u plz tel me if iys safe to buy from this site.
    secondly i want to ask dat if a product is $0.96 , i mean that is less than $1 so will dey ship? plzz reply
    my id is [email protected]

  2. Hi Anamika, actually I got a face wash from 99labels just because I didnt want to waste their Rs.250 and the face wash including the shipping was Rs.250 only.. I didn’t do purchase for double the amount..

  3. Hey
    can u please tell me how to track ur order on 99 labels?
    plus how many days it took to receive the order?

  4. Well I had a disappointing experience with 99labels. I feel they dont acknowledge people who opt for cash on delivery option. They prefer credit card transactions or fast cash. I had ordered two products and both they said were not available. How come this is possible, even when i had booked the things much in advance. I am disheartended as whatver I had ordered was real good. No doubts, the range they showcase is quite good but their services are real poor

  5. HI, i recently ordered a chicken kurta from 99 labels. i was very apprehensive how would be the services, size and color of my order and what i actually receive. But i am glad it looks awesome same size i ordered only if they could deliver it soon 🙂 took a month to deliver but nevertheless worth it. I guess will use it often to gift my friends and folks keeping time into consideration

  6. Hi,

    Would like to warn all who are thinking of purchasing stuff online, especially via

    I placed an order around 2 months back. Half of my order was cancelled by them due to non-availability of product and only half the order was delivered. That is when the nightmare started! After repeated calls and mails they said that they would credit my account with a “GoodWill Gesture” amount (Rs.50). Was left speechless….when I told them that I didnt want the measly goodwill gesture amount and that they should obviously refund my money, they stopped replying! In short, they kept my money as well as the product for which I had paid!
    I thought I was unlucky but the same thing happened with my colleague as well! He shelled out around Rs.12k and now he isnt being returned the money and neither is he being given the product!

    So, BEWARE!

    • this is really sad Puja…if u can share this experience in a long detailed article in what u order what was yur code and all we will publish it on our site and contact 99 labels..they will surely respond to eat.

    • totally agree with Puja, They send you rejected stuff. have had really bad experience with them have stopped ordering things from them.

  7. 99label is a fraud site.
    This is absolute disregard to professionalism. My purchase(order no. 99106938) was on 16th Aug 2011. Its been 3 months since I placed my order.still i have not received refundable amount in my bank account.
    Seems like 99labels e are not at all serious about their customer. They think Customer is fool.

  8. never buy things from 99labels, never use any of your card. 99 labels is a pathetic site, never go for it. they never deliver products ontime. and when they don’t deliver the product at all they don’t even refund the amount you give them through credit card.

    you call them any number of times they will not return you money, they are bloody thieves who suck your money and don’t like to give it back. they just know how to fool their customers and use their money for their pathetic website. i just say that one should never use it to buy anything. it will be your worst experience. go for better sites like fashionandyou, futurebazaar, shoppersstop, but not for this gone case worst company 99labels.

  9. 99 labes MOST disgusting n sluggish pple ive ever come across. . Since a month i dint get my delivery n tht too delivered wrong product after a month. . Useless customer helpline. . after giving a complaint bout reverse pick up those assholes dont reply fr a month n after a month i get a mail bcoz f no response frm my side they r closing my complaint. . Nw m stuck with the product wich i cnt even gift anyone . . 99 labels sucks big time. .

  10. No customer care no. Which is of no use too as it’s fake and Helloooo no replies to emails. How am I supposed to leave all my business sit at home n follow up we’d these bastards….. It’s going to close very soon …


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