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By Vidhya,

After reading so many reviews of on Wise She I too made my purchases and here is my haul:)

I ordered on 20th april and received the package on 17th may.I think it got delayed because of customs checking in the UAE. They are very strict with parcels arriving from china and other countries.I was checking with my hubby almost everyday since in UAE we dont have postman delivering at our homes .Iither we have to have owN own po box in the post office or it comes to your official address.Mostly its a P.O box address and not many sellers ship to P.O horrible na?:sad:

I ordered the following items :-

Buy in coins pcs brush set,
mascara guard,
eyelash curler,
nail art dotter,
88 warm palette and 96 colours pro e/s pallette.

All the above  items costed me $36

This is how my package looked

Online shopping India

My brushes ,nail art tools an mascara guard


24 pcs makeup brushes set as reviewed on wise she  and explained the uses of how to use the makeup brushes here experience

As expetced in the  88 warm pallette two  colours were broken into powder but I am in love the warm palette already colours  are gorgeous with light shimmer.

96 pro palette is intact no damage but for the big knife scracth on top of the case but iam not so impressed with this .Very colourful got pretty teal and light blues but very chalky in texture. Eyeshadow  size is smaller than 88 to fit 96 colours into the same pallette as 88  eyeshadow. experience

The last pic is after I fixed the eye shadows into its respective holes.


Online shopping India

I will try the dotting tool and let you know how they are.Mascara guard I saw  someone using in youtube so got them out of fancy :beauty:.eyelash curler not great traditional steel ones are better.

The 24 brushes I washed and dried yesterday  itself .They didn’t shed they are  soft but some black colour was released from the brush tips after washing.I guess thats the bristle dye or something like that.Good that i washed them 🙂


Hope you liked my haul 🙂

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  1. Wowiee!! This is fantastic Vidhya..Amazing haul! U must be so happy after receiving all this stuff..

    Buyincoins seems to be really gud..So much stuff for just 36$ is gr8..I wanted to buy a curler like that simply coz it luks fun, but thanks to ur opinion, I guess i’m gona stick with wot i have 🙂

    • Hi Mitra, Wot a coincidence, After reading this article I was googling ‘Mascara guard’ since I too din’t know how it was to be used.

      Apparently, to use it, we have to hold the curved end first under the lower lash line and then apply mascara and then for the upper lashes, the guard has to be held right above the upper lashes prior to applying mascara..This way the color wont get transfered on the skin even by mistake. Cool na?

    • thanks gurls.

      @mitra -mascara guard as zara said prevents the mascara from smearing on the upper eyelids.keep it in such a manner the eyes r in the middle of the gaurd and eyelids r covered by the plastic curve and apply mascara.i normally dont apply mascara on the lower lids so havent tried them there

      will post some photos if needed.

      adivaah-debit cards with visa or mastercard logo works in any site.

      i wont have botox now but maybe for my daughter’s wedding i wud take :giggle:

    • hi yaar typed a big reply and now dunno where it went.

      mascara guard is to prevent the smearing on the upper lid as zara said.

  2. Hey Vidhya Nice Haul, I’m planning to buy few things :yes:

    Friends whoever has bought from Buy in coins please let me know if Debit card works bcoz when I tried to go to check out it gives the option of Credit card, did anyone shop with a debit card? Please help :-))

  3. Thanks for saving my time Zara…altough it sounds interesting i think it will take up lot of time nai…rather practise free hand on madcara application and then you will b ale to do it in 5 secs….

    Vishya do tell us how you find the mascara guard

  4. I got the Lakme lip palette from thier Gypsy collection….saaad staying power 🙁 although the colours so damn pretty

    • ohh u should have aksed me about it..i seriously don like it..colours look as if they r made of cheap quality naa 🙁

      • Seriously! I had bought this palette right b4 my wedding with such high hopes..and I agree with Mitra, the staying power is really sad..I hate the brown shade they have..I cant think of anyone on whom that shade would luk flattering on..but I did love the middle peachy shade..Pretty cute.. 🙂

        • by the way it still sells like hot cakes 😛 i have seen woman stocking it so many times.better to buy there 200 enrich satin lipstick than this one 😛

          • It still sellss??? Now I’n surprised..At my store, while discussing with the SAs, they actually told me that the palette isn’t doing well at all and stores hardly stock them now. Very few outlets carry them…I guess mentally, its like getting 5 lippies for so less..In my case I remember thinking that I wud have so much lesser to carry to my sasuraal right after the wedding 🙂 🙂 Not that it actually happened..I still carried oodles of lippies..So this was quite the flop! hehe!!

            • hahah i carry the maximum at my inlaws place infact i carry them everywhere..once when i was getting my makeup bag checked security thought i am some makeup artist :rotfl:

                • Hehe! One can expect it from H&G..They stock up everything! I wish we had them at Pune also..Its a one stop shop for all drugstore products..

                  Haha! The security guys must have been stunned looking at all that makeup right? Me too still carry alot everytime I go to my in-laws..My MIL is stunned at how much I have..She has 2 sons and is totally not used to seeing so much makeup and clothes and footwear..whenever I show her my stuff, she gets this particular look as if she’s trying to control her laughter.. 🙂 🙂

                  • good she gives u this look and doesnt make faces thinking how much u waste 😛

                    my mum in law thing i am sensible girl:rotfl: who doesnt waste money :D:D

                    yaa H&G stores r full of everything and i had no idea about them until i came is so difficult to get few products like jergens, st.ives ad himlaya in Delhi and NCR because H&G stores are not there..manager there was telling me they will start opening in Delhi soon.i hope they do 🙂

                    • I really like their stores..they r always well stocked..When I was in Blore, whenever I used to go to Comm street, I wud spend about an hour was always fun..And the SAs there were never rude..always showed me all the new stuff very patiently..

                    • thing is they r over stuffed with SA’s :D:d i see them allover the store..i keep looking for space where she wont come and let me read all the product , ingredients and everything in peace :D:D

                    • Haha! I know..too many of them swarming all over the place..I had made friends with most of them, so they used to leave me to my antics while they coaxed other potential customers.. 🙂

  5. 🙁 🙁 Tum dono mujhpe hans rahe ho? Me? Little innocent girl.. 😉

    5 saal nahi to kya hua? 5mt anniversary is also impt na? 😉 😉 even after 5yrs i’ll luk like this..Me ever-young, ever-fresh, etc etc… 😉 😉

  6. Haha…anu/Zara how about asking the mother of that girl for some botox…she seems to have loads of them…and she says every mother should do it to their girls!!

  7. !!!!! Avoid at all cost !!!!!

    If you wanna wait your purchase for a month..then it would be your choice


    “It takes 14-21 working days to arrive. Sometimes it will be 5-10 days delay because of customs and flights. If you can not get in one month since you buy, please contact us.”

    For a week its been paid, nothing proceeded. After 2weeks still hasnt left HK…and they tell you to wait for a month…



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