Why I Switched To Shaving | My Experience With Gillette Venus Razor


My Experience With Gillette Venus Razor

Hi Everyone! Today I am going to share with you My Experience With Gillette Venus Razor. I have been shaving since two month regularly. I generally shave alternate days or may be two times a week. It completely depends upon my mood, hair growth and good days and bad days :D.You know what I am talking about 😀
I did this video to talk about my shaving experience with you guys. As you all know I attended this Gillette event where I was provided Gillette Venus Razor and Gillette Satin care sensitive skin shaving gel which makes shaving super easy and lot of fun.
Frankly speaking I had no intention to switch to shaving but one event and changed my view altogether. I remember once Kareena Kapoor mentioned in one of her interview that she uses razor. I was kind of angry and thought she must be lying or might be paid for it. But now I know that its true. A good razor actually works and makes your life so damn easy.
Gillete hair removal cream
So its now NO MORE epilator and waxing for me. I have shared few post where I have shared my experience and debunked some myths. So, I am sharing them again here.
I would request you to do check out the video and try using shaving once.It’s something which is for keeps. Previously I literally had to plan so much just to go for waxing. (If you are a mom you will know how it is like 😛 ) It use to begin with taking an appointment and still waiting in the parlor and then preparing myself for the pain. There is no waiting in the parlor with epilator but yes pain sucks while epilating as well especially the sensitive areas.
All these troublesome videos has come to an end when I switched to shaving 🙂
Please go through these post for more info if you are still in doubt 🙂
And to make things more fun and clear you can go through this video as well 🙂


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