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Now when many of us have started to share their experiences with online shopping in India on Wise She , I also thought to share my experience with which is India’s largest Home Shopping Company Over 450 Brands and 150,000 Products Available. They have everything in their product range starting from small toys to branded laptops, mobiles, microwave ovens and other gadgets, from jewelry to all kind of kitchen appliances, even kitchen chimney, beauty products to apparel (men & women), they have everything and that to from well known brands like Biba, Libas, whirlpool, Samsung, Himalaya, Nokia, micromax, Zaveri pearl, Toshiba and just everything..
Shopping with homeshop18 is absolutely non fussy with lots of discount in MRP of the products + free gifts sometimes. They offer free home delivery with no hidden costs.

My Experiene with home shop

How to shop from HomeShop18

  1. You can purchase items from their website
  2. You can also purchase their items after seeing a detailed demo / advertisement of that item for nearly about 30min in their 24 hours shopping channel homeshop18.
  3. They have 3 payment options cash on delivery, on EMIs, cash before delivery.
  4. Usually I prefer cash on delivery & after getting a detailed study of a particular item on their channel. Example, before purchasing a M’oven, you can see a detailed study of it on their channel about its capacity, quality, various facilities, and they even make various foods in them as to give you a demo.
  5. To shop, all you have to do is note down the product code, ring on their 24 hour toll free number, a customer care executive will note down your order, delivery address, and will give you an order number. You will get it delivered to your address in next 10 working days without any shipping charges. Now you can do its payment.
  6. After that again the customer care executive will ring you to know about your satisfaction on the product delivered to your address.
  7. For gadgets and electrical items like camera, washing machine, fridge will also get the required warranty.


My Experience of shopping with homeshop18

  1. I think to place an order via phone in their customer care executives is better coz there is a direct talk with them, you can talk and get answer of your entire query. Although the details of every thing (details of products, payment details etc..) is given in their website but its my personal choice to interact and know everything.
  2. Till now I have purchased a Samsung 10MP 5X zoom camera, 5 jewelry set and a single pearl jewelry (with pearl’s authenticity certificate) from them after watching its demo in their channel, and I’m satisfied with all of them.
  3. The Samsung camera was purchased as a gift to my father-in-law so I can’t show its pic here but let me show you the ethnic jewelry which I purchased from homeshop18.

A fresh water pearl necklace from Mayur Pearls

Home Shop 18 experiene


After my satisfaction with the pearl necklace (with which authenticity certificate of the pearls was also enclosed), I again purchased a jewelry set of 6 ethnic necklace which was sent to me in the box above. The set of this 6 necklace costed me 2660/- (after 35% discount on MRP). Let me give you a  close look:P

Home shopping 18



Home Shop



Homeshop18 jewellery



Online shopping India




Online shopping in India




Home shop 18


All these kind of polka necklace sets if purchased from a jewelry shop will cost me more than a thousand per necklace set but here I got all 6 necklace set in much cheaper  and in perfect form without any defect.

I have plans to explore more and more products from homeshop18 and request all Wise She readers to visit the website at least once, I bet you wont regret your visiting the site.. 🙂

Is any one out here who have experienced shopping with homeshop18? If yes then please let us know your experience too 🙂

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  1. wow the necklaces’ set :hypnotized: :hypnotized: .. just 2300 this is awsome….. kya baat hai maalamal ho gayi aap to mam :beauty:

  2. marriage? what marriage? 😛 😛
    m not saying this to you bt each n every relative of mine seem to be highly worried about my marriage these days….
    so tensed they are i doubt they might stop khana-peena soon :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. Prerana i just checked out there site they are giving 2 fab India kurtis with an aloevera eye gel free in Rs 1200 ..that is a great deal.:yes::yes:

  4. Ya…they give discount on MRP + free gifts + free delivery to home, what eles one need?
    But the nore u will visit the site, the more u will be tempted to buy from the vast range available..
    But I will suggest not to buy any apparel coz fittings might bother you!!

  5. anu we are telepathic …i meant to tell you that I got the palettes from home shop 18 and am not gonna look at all that jewellery already overbudget 🙄 .. 😯 😯 am gonna tempt u all with my next haul post heehehehehe :evilgrin:

  6. i like it very much :-* :blush: :drunk: :drunk: :rose: :deadrose: :snowman: :clover: : :bowl: : :poo :dog2: :cake: :cow: :cow: :yinyang: :devil: :tongue: :hugleft: :hugleft: :hugleft: p: :hammer: :tv: :phone: :nono:

  7. hi home shop 18 we have ordered solo micro wave oven of akai[20lr] .The product have a problem at its door i have send back to HS18 through TNT courier and the courier number is DO296 940 895.Till now i dint get a new oven so i request u to give me akai solo+gril micro wave oven the product code of akai solo+gril oven is 264-721 .iam ready to pay extra money also[1000/-] ?:-)

  8. With reference my SubOrder no.34703497 I booked one Spice mobile-M5750 and the product was deliverd on 5.7.11 but when I checked I could not receive any cash memo it is very surprising that in such a reputed company like yours nobody checked whether the material(i.e. cash memo) is complete or not. Therefore I would request you to please send a cash memo at the earliest at my residence and also send a scanned copy at my email.

  9. I have got a very bad experience to purchage a gaming console from Home Shop-18. Whenever i switchon the game the sreen has become white. Even i have made a coplain to you peaple on 15/07/11 and 19/07/11. The complain no. is 65426241 & 65484717 respectively. But i could not get any solution frome your side. I hope after geting of this mail you will take some actoin.


    NEW DELHI- 110059

  10. On 29.01.2012, I had purchased a micromax Q6 mobile phone through HS-18. When despite getting it charged for 8-10 hours, it could not have started. I loged a complaint with HS-18 on 30.1.12 vide No.69686515 regarding the aforesaid defect in the mobile. The customer care representative assured that the battery of the phone will be changed within 7 working days. But so far neither the batter has been changed, nor the product has been replaced, due to which I am depriving of using the product despite making payment.
    Kindly look into the matter and take immediate steps, so that the prestige and goodwill of your esteemed organization would not be adversely affected.
    Rameshwar Dutt
    9312703004 🙁

  11. Dear frnds :hammer: ,
    plz don’t try to buy anything form homeshop18, they are completely fraud people, they can not provide any kind of option for Refund. i had a bad experience with homeshop18, i order a mobile, it was delivered in time, but the features of the phone no working, because of that i gave a complaint and i return the product to the vender, But the homeshop18 people not replace the product and not refund my money. when i ask for the information regarding the product delay they simply telling like we are forwarding the details.

  12. In home shop 18 i have purchased Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker which is mear waste of money. At first the roti maker they supplied thermostat was not working and when we sent it back they have send a damaged product with lot of scrates on it and even the piece was damage after complain it was sent back again but again they have sent back the same damaged piece so shoping in Homeshop18 is not worth and i have not returned it back and i even dont want other persons to buy this product. online shoping is done to save time but i have wasted lot of my time behind this product. :-((

  13. Recently I bought the 26 pcs.jewellery through Homeshop18 and found a few damages.I sent them an email which is immediately replied to followed by a phone call.The lady who spoke to me wanted me to send photos of the damaged pieces which I did and that was the end of it.NOw when I send mails they just dont replu.

  14. Homeshop 18 is the biggest thugging network in India. I want to share one of my worst experience with it.
    I bought 101 pieces steel dinner set for 6000 rs + 150 rs delivery charges on 14th may 2015 booking cash on delivery the courier guy delivered me the items on 20 may 2015 and he took money and went off when I checked the product its quality was totally unacceptable and you can imagine they mentioned 16 kg weight on the website but its actually 6-7 kg only and the they mentioned free products one pressure cooker, one iron and one bag but only pressure cooker was there in the box that’s too of very low quality but packaging list on the top shows that it include all items so their packing list and items alos not matching.

    Somehow I thought to return the product but these guys started telling so many things asking me to scan the bill and send pack the items and courier to the address they are not ready to arrange the pickup even I am ready to pay for that. My order number is 969927039.

    I request all the peoples who are buying online please don’t buy from homeshop 18 because it is impossible to get refund from these guys unlike to flipkart and amazon and other good brand sites. They deliver always low quality products home shop 18 by collaborating with local suppliers just thugging the peoples.

  15. i order some products from home shop18,i m very much dispointed, wich they shows on tv and when they sent u that product wich is tottaly difrent…plz dnt shop from home shop 18.its west off money,,product tottally diffrent…i never watch and never shop from here,,

  16. I lv this site for online shopping i think this site is better than the others this site gave good product n many more offers xo i like it n i m going to buy all my weeding dress n all other kitchen product from this site


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